Protect Your Car from Stone Chips and Scratches

Don’t deny that you curse the day till now when your new and shiny car got scuffed from stones! Stone chips and scratches are like ‘one and the same!’ It can happen to any vehicle, whether the speed is at a peak or low. Maybe you don’t know, but the smallest stone used in construction sites can bounce off the ground and hit your car surface while passing around there!

Do you want to avoid that? We can help you with some ideas to minimize the risks!

Pearl White (W54) Mitsubishi L200. Touch up stone chips

Simple ways to avoid stone chips and scratches

Scuffs on the car surface from the are quite a common occurrence, of course! Still, the cracks and chips are concerning because it leaves a great impact on your car’s appearance. But with our following tips, you may reduce the risks to some extent! Such as: 

#Trick 1:

Not only the car surface but the stone poses a risk to the windscreen. You may leave with cracked or chipped glasses unless protecting those with car window tinting. It can keep your windscreen safe from small stones that fly when another vehicle passes too close.

#Trick 2:

On the comment section of our Instagram, Facebook, YouTube profiles, we have found many of our clients saying that even after protecting the windscreen, the risks remain for the car surface. Small stones can bounce back from the ground and damage the paintwork on the car door or bumper. In this case, the best way to avoid chips and scratches is to slow down your vehicle on such pebbled roads.

#Trick 3:

Try to skip your plans on the extreme climate conditions, like heavy rain or wind! It can blow up small stones that can hit the car surface and windscreen and leave chips and scratches on those. And the cracks increase when you use hot water in winter to remove the ice!

Possible dangers if the stone chips and scratches remain untreated

Have you got the sound of stone hitting your car surface or the windscreen? Our technicians of Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd. suggest checking over the paintwork surface daily. It’s, especially when your car remains at high speed every time. Or else the smallest stone chips and scratches can turn into severe cracks with no warning!

If you need to fix the stone chips and scratches on the car surface, let us know! Our area coverage is not only in Leeds but extends to its surroundings!


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