Mobile Car Body Repairs in London


Somebody damaged your car in the London traffic? Have a dent or scratch you just can’t get out? Maybe you’re just tired of looking at the same old body damage day after day. Or maybe your whole front-end needs repaired. Our team of experts at Car Cosmetics will repair your vehicles damage no matter how large or small, all while providing elite customer service paired with competitive prices.  Call Lee on 07803242888 to discuss your needs.

Worried it might cost too much to fix? Think another company is going to give you a better deal? Why not find out for sure? It’s quick and easy all you have to do is send pictures of the damage to [email protected]via WhatsApp at 07803242888, or you can just describe the problem on the form by following this link.


Think you’re too busy to get your car repaired? Think again! We offer a mobile repair service that can come out and perform any minor to medium sized repairs to your vehicle anywhere in London. No matter how busy your schedule we can get your repairs done in just a couple hours.

Nothing beats the convenience of our mobile maintenance team performing professional quality repairs with a hassle-free experience. Go into the office or come home for the evening and we’ll repair your car without disrupting your life. With competitive pricing and high-quality service, we can save you time and money.

Maybe your car doesn’t have any damage but hasn’t had a deep clean in a while or is starting to show its age. Maybe it’s not even that old but it’s looking older than it should. We can help with that too. Want your car to look like it just rolled off the showroom floor? Get a quote today.

We provide a worry-free customer experience that can’t be beat. When we’re done, we won’t leave a trace, cleaning up any mess made during the repair process. We know that it’s our job to provide you with the best customer experience possible from start to finish.

Curious what we can do? Don’t believe we can provide such high-quality work for such reasonable prices? Just check out our before and after pictures or read from a few testimonials from some of our past customers at the tab below!

Car Cosmetics has been performing unparalleled quality body work with unmatched customer service since 1999. All the while we’ve been building an unmatched reputation. We’re proud of the high-quality work that we provide and guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our repairs or services.


We work with individuals, fleets, and insurance companies. Whatever your vehicle repair or service needs are we have you covered. With unrivaled customer service, competitive prices, years of experience, and professional quality repairs and services we have everything you could ask for. 

Hassel free, affordable, professional quality, what are you waiting for? Email [email protected], message 07803242888 via WhatsApp, or fill out the form below for your completely FREE quote today! We accept quotes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours, but normally we reply within MINUTES. No matter your busy schedule we’re here for you.

We need these things to repair your car body in London

To perform a car body repair we require some things from you that you have to ensure before confirming the booking. The first and most important thing for mobile car bodywork repairs in London is to provide us with a proper parking space. We need at least one or two car parking spaces with at least a working space of 3 feet on all sides of your car. The working space can be flexible if the car body is damaged only from one side then we will just need the space on that side.

But make sure that your parking space doesn’t have any height restrictions or you will have to inform us prior to the booking. Also, there are some roads that require a permit to park and if that’s the case with you, then you will have to provide us with a temporary parking permit for the day. It is essential for us to park in that restricted area.

Sometimes, we have to work from inside your car and that’s why you should have your car keys ready before we come. Please make sure you have all these requirements fulfilled if any of them meet the restrictions in your parking area.

Aftercare: Mobile Car Paint Repair London

After we’re done with the car body repair in London, there are some precautions for you to take care of. Please follow the below instructions for better results of the car body repair.

  • Avoid touching your car’s repaired area within 24 hours of the repair. It can cause complications and make your car look undone because of that.
  • Make sure to not give your car a wash or clean it within the 5 days of the repair time. Applying any product to your car can damage the repair as it stays vulnerable for a few days.
  • Never use acids or corrosive items or chemicals on your car body after the repair.

Lifetime guarantee of all kinds of car body repair

Our service is the best in London and that’s why we are proud of that. We show our pride in our work by claiming a lifetime guarantee of the repair that you can claim anytime if your car is still under your ownership.

Please note that we email the original receipt of the repair cost to you and you will need to show us that receipt when your make the claim. Also, the mobile car scratch repairs London warranty is only for one person so there will be no more free warranty claimed repair for the second owner if the car is sold. And we only repair the car after examining the area that we had repaired so in case that’s the other part of the body then you will have no claims left.

If the person for some reason is not happy with our service, they can get a refund of the maximum value of cost written on the receipt. And if we notice anything like stone chipping or any problem caused because of inappropriate aftercare, then the claim will not be considered valid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you need to change the date or location of your service?

If you want to change the location or time of the repair, you will need to inform us about it 48 hours before the arrival time. After that, we’ll see what the earliest time slot we can allot you depending upon the new location and our team’s availability. But yes, you can change that following our guidelines.

What happens if I don’t need one of my services?

Well, it all depends on your choice. If you’ve already booked a service from us but now you don’t need or want it you can tell us. As we have mentioned earlier that you have to notify us 48 hours before the actual date and time and we’ll reschedule it. Also, you can skip the service.

How will I be charged for the service?

To use the mobile car body repairs London you will need to add your debit or credit card details to our system. This way we will charge you for the service you took on the same day. It is also beneficial for you because if you want to change or update the booking, you will have enough time for that. Also, you won’t be charged until the service is done.

Which Technician will I get?

In all our service areas we have specially dedicated technicians for you. Each servicing time the same technician will visit you and therefore, you will have no issues with the technician. But sometimes when that technician is on vacation or taking some time off, you will have to manage. Even though it doesn’t happen so commonly but still we’re sorry for that after all they are also humans and have to take breaks from the work. But if you have special requirements from or for the technicians you can tell us and we’ll manage something for you.

How will I organize the times and dates of the service?

You can organize your service time and date according to your availability. But to do so you will have to inform us about the change 48 hours prior to the service time and date. You can even tell us earlier than that as the earlier you inform us the easiest it will be for us and you to select a time slot for your service.

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