Bumper Scuff Repairs

Have you hit something while parking your car? It may get a scratch on the bumper for sure!

A bumper scuff not only affects the car’s appearance but your safety as well. Do you know that a simple scratch can turn into a crack if you leave it unfixed?

Car manufacturers design bumpers to keep the person behind the wheel and front seats safe. That’s why you should call the experts for mobile bumper scuff repairs in London ASAP!

Hey, hold on! Are you planning to try out a DIY with bumper scratch repair kit? It’s not as simple as breaking a nut! Even if you do so, you may not expect a pro finish.

How do the professionals fix a bumper scuff?

The bumper scuff repair specialists start by assessing the scratch, whether it’s light or heavy. It helps them to ideate and decide on the exact process required to fix it efficiently.

Light bumper scuff is easy to remove. But when you have made a major crash, there will not be just a scratch but a dent as well.

bumper scuff repairs

Step 1: Cleaning the bumper

The bumper scuff repair specialists clean the area first to assess the scratch closely. They use simple soap, water, and sponge to avoid further damage. Before applying the masking tape, they ensure that there leaves no grim, dust, or wax.

Step 2: Mask around the scratch

The experts apply the masking tape around the lights and adjacent panels to avoid spraying over them. Before sanding, the specialists cover the area properly.

Step 3: Sanding on the scuff

The professionals use sheets of coarse sanding paper to wrap it around the scuff pad. They start sanding the bumper with pressure until the scratch removes and the area gets smoothen. Then, once they get the job done, they clean the bumper until the surface gets even.

Step 4: Filling the scratches

Now, the specialists use a scratch-filling putty and spread over the bumper scuff. The more the coat will even, the better it will stick to the bumper. Then, they let it dry for some minutes and re-sand the area again to smoothen the surface.

Step 5: Apply the primer

The experts spray the surface primer at least three coats in a smooth motion. Then, they leave it for some hours and re-sand the area again. The specialists make sure that everything gets blended perfectly. Once sanding has been done, they wipe the area with a clean and damp cloth.

Step 6: Painting the bumper

After some hours of applying primer, the professionals paint the affected area and put several coats. They leave the last coat to dry for a few minutes and use the blending solvent.

Step 7: Applying a clear coat

Finally, the bumper scuff specialists use a clear coat over the paint to cover the entire area. And, the bumper will look as good as if replacing with a new one.

Do you need a mobile bumper scuff repair? Contact us then! Our experts will remove the scratches with textured finishes.


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