Mobile Car Body Repairs

Things happen. You get a bump, a dent, a scratch or scuff your bumper or even something bigger. It’s not the end of the world, but it is a great big inconvenience. And that’s not even mentioning the expense. Your car is an important part of your life and whether its appearance is damaged a little or a lot, you need a fast, convenient way to get things set right. If you take your car to a traditional car body shop, you’re in for a lot of time and a big shock to the wallet. You might be able to spend a day kicking your heels in what passes for a waiting room or you can arrange rides back and forth. Or, you can try something different. You can try mobile car body repairs from Car Cosmetics, the car body specialists.

You get the hassle free convenience of having the majority of work carried out at your home or office while you carry on with your busy life. You get high quality, exceptional car body repair services at a fraction of the price you have to pay a brick and mortar establishment with high overheads. You get attentive service that focuses on you. You get expertly carried out repairs by professionals that will give you peace of mind about one of your biggest investments in life-your car.

Car Cosmetics has over ten years of experience returning your pride and joy back to the state you loved after an accident, an unfortunate brush with a supermarket trolley or even vandalism. With our expert and well trained staff, your car will be in good hands. With our mobile repair service, your busy life is respected and your wallet won’t suffer a dent as well.

Car Cosmetics’ mobile repairs: Fast, Easy, Affordable.

Car Cosmetics takes the hassle out.

Services - Mobile car body repairsServices that we can provide:

Bumper Scuffs
Deep Scratches
Rust Repairs
Cracked Bumpers
Stone Chips and Scratches
Showroom Machine Polish
Plastic Textured Repairs
Alloy Wheel Repairs
Colour Match
Dent Removal

Mobile Paintless Dent Removal (P.D.R)


Paintless Dent Removal

Removing of small to medium size dents from your car, with no paint spraying involved.

Supermarket Dents
Creased Dents
Car Door Dents
Wheelie Bin Dents
Football, Tennis ball or Golf Ball Dents.

Mobile Car Valeting



This service also makes things much easier, giving you more time for yourself.

Exterior Valet
Interior Valet
Mini Valet
Full Valet



HydrographicsHydrographics services are now available from Car Cosmetics to help you give your old products to look brand new.  We offer a lot of hydro film patterns that you can choose from, so your item will have a unique and personalized look.

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