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Rust Repairs – Before And Afters

Paint chips can lead to rust, which makes your car look far worse than it should. We handle rust repairs and you’re sure to see the difference before and after we’ve patched it up. A couple of small spots and marks of rust on your vehicle will turn heads in a bad way. Luckily it’s a cheap and easy repair to get your vehicle looking good again. Looking at the before and after pictures will be a sure way to see what we mean.

Dent Repairs – Before And Afters

Dents can also bring a poor appeal to your car. Our professional dent repair specialists will be able to pop the dents out of your vehicle and restore to its former glory. We use the most advanced dent repair technology available in the auto repair industry to properly remove dents regardless of the affected area. We handle wings, doors, bumpers, hoods and all. Regardless of the damage, we can get it looking brand new again! Don’t let a minor accident discourage you from driving; we offer a cost effective solution to all of your vehicle’s cosmetic issues.

Alloy Wheels Repairs – Before And Afters

Most car enthusiasts will agree that your wheels condition says a lot about how you maintain your vehicle. A minor scuff or nick on your alloy wheel can bring plenty of negative attention to the entire car. Using the latest alloy wheel repair technology available, we can restore your wheels to looking brand new. You won’t even have to bring your vehicle into the shop with our 100% mobile services. Whether you’re at work or home, we can bring our specialists to your location and perform our alloy wheel repair techniques with zero effort on your part. No need to wait around in a shop all day!

Bumper Repairs – Before And Afters

If your bumper was damaged in a minor collision, anyone driving behind you will notice. You don’t have to go about replacing the whole bumper and getting a paint job to match colors, though. Our tools and professional bumper repair specialists are able to get the dents out and looking new again. You’ll be able to put your worries at rest when you see the before and after pictures. Don’t write your bumper off until you consider Car Cosmetics cost effective solutions to getting it back up to new condition.

Scratch Repairs – Before And Afters

Even if you have a nasty scratch down to the body, don’t worry! We handle everything from clear coat, paint, and body damages. If you’re skeptical, just look at our before and after pictures. Our company specializes in repairs of this nature. Nicks, scratches and gashes are able to be filled in, polished, and repaired. Even the most ugly damages will be cleaned up and restored back to showroom condition. Trust us, we know a little scratch on your vehicle is a major issue when you care for your car. Our scratch repair professionals will make sure that your ride is back up to top notch condition when we’re done. We strive for quality and will get your car back to looking good as new. Many of our customers come back to us time and time again looking for the highest quality work around.

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