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Release date for Apple iCar:

The not-so-evolving automotive market was turned upside down after the announcement of restrictions on the sale of new combustion engine cars from 2030 onwards. The

craziest concept cars
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Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars – 2021

The automotive industry is one of the most conservative and rarely opens space for new ideas. This is why designers strive to bring new challenges

self driving cars
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Google Building Self Driving Car

Not long ago, Google uncovered another model for its ongoing project to make a heading. Self-driving car that could change our mode of travel on

tax disc changes 2014
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Big Changes to UK Vehicle Tax:

October is a big month for UK drivers with vehicle tax changes coming – both in how it is paid and how drivers have to

top 10 electric cars 2021
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Top 10 Electric Cars in 2021

Pre-introduction Introduction 2035 will be the year when gasoline cars as we know them will no longer exist in the European Union… well, not completely.