Alloy Wheel Repair

What are alloy wheels and why would you need them repaired or refurbished? Most wheels are now a day are either painted alloy or diamond cut alloy wheels. Diamond cut alloy wheels will have a chrome look with a painted darker section making them look more stylish. Painted alloy wheels, on the other hand, are completely one colour and are more durable.

Alloy Wheel Repairs & Refurbishment

Because of this diamond cut alloy wheels are often preferred for sports cars and other top-end cars. The downside to diamond cut alloy wheels is that they are more expensive to repair. They are susceptible to scuffing and corrosion.

And who wants a sporty car with damaged wheels? Don’t worry getting your alloy wheels repaired in Leeds is cheaper than you think. Keep reading and you’ll understand just how easy it can be to restore your alloy wheels and have them looking like they just came off the factory floor.

How’d My Wheels Get Scuffed Anyways?

There’s a variety of ways your alloy wheels could have gotten scuffed or could get scuffed in the future. The most common way alloy wheels get scuffed is by running them into the curb.

Man crying over him scuffing his alloy wheels on a curb When parking next to the curb it’s common for drivers to get too close and rub their wheels into the curb. While this is unlikely to cause any damage to the curb, it often scratches and scuffs alloy wheels.
Not only can you scuff your alloy wheels on the curb, but many people also scuff them when parking in their garage. Often people have a variety of items throughout the garage. When parking if you drive into any of these items it could lead to your wheels being scuffed.

While this doesn’t typically do as much damage as a curb it still can damage your wheels and give off a damaged or scuffed appearance.
Another way alloy wheels often get scuffed or damaged is while the tires are being changed. Whether you are changing the tyres yourself or take them to a mechanic to get changed, damaging or scuffing the wheels is extremely easy with the machines used in the tyre change.
Often this damage can be hard to see too. If the damage or scuffing is on the backside of the wheel you might not realise the damage is even there.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Scuffs On Alloy Wheels?

It’s cheaper than you think to get your alloy wheels repaired. Our prices for wheel refurbishment in Leeds start at £70. For a set of 4 alloy wheels repaired in Leeds, we start at £200. Which works out to £50 per alloy wheel. Pricing provided here is an estimate only. There are a variety of factors that could lead to higher pricing, for instance, the wheel could be over 18 inches, there may be multiple spokes, they could be diamond cut alloy wheels; these would need re-lathing. Get a Free QuoteTo get a risk-free personalised quote simply click HERE. We usually respond within MINUTES. However, we guarantee that we’ll respond within 24 hours.

Why Have Your Alloy Wheels Repairs At Car Cosmetics?

Car Cosmetics: The best alloy wheel repairs in Leeds
At Car Cosmetics, we make customer satisfaction our number one priority. We offer a world-class mobile repair team that will come to you and provide the best wheel repairs in Leeds. So, no more rearranging your schedule to drop off your car at the shop and wait around for them to finish the repairs.

Powder Coated Alloy WheelsNow you get to decide when and where it’s convenient for you. Whether you’re at work or enjoying the day off, we’ll come to you and provide a hassle-free experience. We’re here to provide the best customer service possible with a hassle-free experience.

Not only will we come to you when it’s convenient for you, but we’ll provide a personalised experience to make sure that it’s the best customer service you’ve ever received. Keeping our customers satisfied is what has kept us in business for over 20 years. We know how important your car is to you and we want to provide you with a hassle-free experience that can’t be beaten.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels in LeedsAnd if you only need an alloy wheel refurbishment in Leeds, we guarantee that we can complete the job within 24 hours. But it’s not just about getting the job done quickly. We guarantee high-quality professional repairs that you’ll love. Want to see what we can do before you book an appointment? Check out our before and after HERE. Visit our Instagram Page HERE.

Alloy Wheel Repairing Faqs

We have some frequently asked questions regarding the alloy wheel repairing. You can also ask any
question/suggestion regarding the alloy wheel repair.

How Long Do Car Cosmetics Take To Repair The Alloy Wheel?

Here at car cosmetics, we have designed SMART and unique repairing techniques. These valuable techniques proved a remarkable finishing of damaged or repaired alloy wheels. In addition, our elegant and fantastic design help to get back the original and brilliant condition of your car. We work effectively and quickly, that’s why we repair alloy wheels in just a few hours.

What Are The Three Common Types Of Alloy Wheel Damages?

Generally, we have observed three to four most common types of alloy wheel damage. But, mostly 3 damages of alloy wheels are observed that could need repairing. These are dents, scuffs,  and chipped alloy wheels.

The most common damage is an alloy wheel scuffed or chipped. However, an alloy wheel dented after a little bit of mishap with a kerb/pothole. In these cases, the damaged area needs to repaint to get back to its original and brilliant previous condition. To get avoid exterior wheel, scuff, and kerb damages-it is important to repair the damaged alloy wheel.

How Can I Personally Maintain The Condition Of The Repaired Alloy Wheel?

Once your car’s alloy wheel got repaired, you need to keep them in well-maintained condition to avoid more damage. It is important to take care of the repaired alloy wheel.

Here at car cosmetic, we suggest you follow the maintained guideline for the repaired alloy wheel. The recommendation is below

  • Wash your alloy wheel on daily bases
  • Keep the repaired alloy wheel clean
  • Keep them away from potentially damaging dirt.
  • Wait at least five days before any applying/cleaning on our repaired alloy wheel at car cosmetics.

Hopefully, in this way you can perfectly maintain the repaired alloy wheel without damage.

What Is The Best Available Alloy Wheel Cleaner For Cars?

There is a multiple fantastic alloy wheel cleaner that is available in the marketplace. The alloy wheel cleaner market is full of outstanding shampoos, polish, and car cleaning products. For example, clay bars can clean all forms of an alloy wheel.

But, we suggest you avoid all forms of alloy wheel cleaner that have abrasive quality.

Some alloy wheel polishes and cleaners have a slightly abrasive quality. But, these slightly abrasive remove small imperfections from the surface of the wheel. However, they should be used very carefully to avoid damage to alloy wheels in long runs.

We suggest you use a non-caustic alloy wheel cleaner for a brilliant finish.

What Is The Repairing Cost Of The Alloy Wheel?

Car cosmetics offers you affordable and specialized repairing. The repairing is so unique and perfect that puts back your car on the road as efficiently.

The extent of the alloy wheel damage determines the cost of repairing the alloy wheel. However, with our creative and superb techniques, we repair alloy wheels at the most decent price. All the cost of damages is very minimal that is also pocket-friendly.

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