What should I do after a Car Accident:

We understand the stress which a motor collision can cause, and the time then taken in dealing with the incident.

Concierge Claims offers a tailored approach for clients after a Non-Fault Accident

We focus our service on your’ individual needs.

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Our services provide you peace of mind when your vehicle has been damaged and is off the road.

We look to supply a replacement vehicle to suit your needs,

We keep all relevant parties including you our client updated throughout the process.

We assist you from start to finish, no need to repeat your situation to different call handlers.

We ARE NOT A CALL CENTRE. We proactively contact clients via their chosen method eg WhatsApp, email, Phone to suit them, No need for long waiting time

We are ABI/ GTA subscribers.

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CCM specialise in providing a wide range of hire vehicles to suit the customers individual needs including Sports, Prestige, Electric and Chauffeur vehicles, whilst working alongside Car Cosmetics to ensure the highest level of satisfaction is achieved.

Whatever the customers individual requirements, Concierge will be on hand to assist and guide you throughout the journey.

CCM: Our Services

The non-fault services we provide are.

  1. Providing a replacement hire vehicle that suits the clients need where required whilst the clients  vehicle is off the road.
  2. Full liability assistance.
  3. Requesting repairs be authorised by the third party insurers directly to Car Cosmetics, avoiding any excess to be paid.
  4. Assistance when hit by an uninsured driver, via the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).
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Whatever the concern, we will look to assist you where required.

CCM: Replacement Vehicle

We understand the importance to many customers in having access to a vehicle of equivalent stature whilst their vehicle is off the road through no fault of their own. CCM specialise in providing customers with hire vehicle to suit their needs where required. CCM have access to a wide range of vehicles including Prestige, Sports, Electric and PCO licenced chauffeuring vehicles which can be delivered to the customer at their preferred time and location.

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For a customer whose vehicle is no longer fit for purpose i.e., a Total Loss following the collision, we can supply a suitable hire vehicle as a matter of urgency to ensure they can continue with their day to day business with minimal impact.

If the customer is claiming via their own insurance policy following an at fault collision, Concierge can look to provide a hire vehicle utilising any available policy funding for hire whilst their vehicle is off the road.

CCM: Vehicle Repair

Included in our services, CCM will also request for the respective insurer to authorise the repairs to the customers vehicle directly with Car Cosmetics, eliminating the need to involve solicitors. In the case of a non-fault accident, the customer can rest assured their policy excess and no claims bonus will be protected as their vehicle repairs are authorised and paid for by the third parties’ insurance.

Most customers aren’t aware of their legal entitlement for choosing their own repair garage, but it is inevitable that they will want to trust the reputation of the people repairing their vehicle. This relates also to the legal entitlement of an equivalent hire vehicle if they are not at fault for an accident, so the customer is reinstated to their pre-accident position and the impact of the accident has a minimal effect. Knowing their rights as a policy holder is an important factor for customers to consider when involved in an accident.


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