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More details about Paint-less dent removal below.

For many people their car is their pride and joy and they do what they can to keep it the best possible condition. But accidents happen and small dents and scratches can happen in the blink of an eye, just think of a runaway shopping trolley, a bicycle that comes out of nowhere or a car door that is opened carelessly. Many people drive around for a long time with that kind of damage. That is because they think it is costly and time consuming to get repaired. If you use the old ways of filling and painting to get even minor damage fixed you will be without your car for days and will probably be hit with a big bill.

Mobile Paintless Dent Removal offers a high quality, innovative, cheap and quick alternative!

With mobile paintless dent removal you will retain the pristine factory finish of your car and it will look as good as new, as if the damage never occurred. Paintless Dent Removal takes a long time to master and requires high levels of skill and dedication. That is why not all car technicians are able to offer this service. At Car Cosmetics we are proud of our ability to remove dents quickly with a better result compared to the traditional fill and paint jobs. Our team is highly professional, qualified and passionate about cars – so you can trust us to take the utmost care of your vehicle.

Mobile dent repair FAQs

Here at car cosmetics, we have vast expertise in dent repairing and dent removal. Below we listed the most commonly asked question regarding dent repairing. If you have any questions or suggestions you may ask. We’ll respond to you regarding the mobile dent repair within seconds.

What Types Of Mobile Dent Repair That Car Cosmetic Repair?

Our car cosmetics mobile dent repair specialist has wide expertise in dent repair and dent removal. They can remove a wide range of car dents effectively and quickly.

Our experts can remove unexpected bollard impact from your mobile door panel. In addition, they can remove dents from the bumper side or wherever the dents are. Our specialist put back your car into fantastic condition after dent repair.

How Does Long Car Cosmetics Take To Remove Dents From My Car?

A couple of factors determine the time length for dent removal or dent repair.

  • The depth of the dent
  • If the paint surface of the car is broken

These two factors measure the time for repairing.

If the dent hasn’t broken the paint surface and the depth is minor, then it can be removed faster and effectively. If the unexpected hit has damaged the paint surface, then it takes a slightly longer time. For this purpose, we use our SMART and innovative techniques for dent repairing or dent removal.

Here at car cosmetics, we save you time. The whole process of dent repairing or dent removal takes just a few hours to complete.

Can Car Cosmetics Repair My Car At Home Or At Work?

Yes, car cosmetics is a reliable name in terms of convenience. Our dent repair or dent removal services work around your homes. Our specialists are mobile and they can come wherever you are to repair the dents. It means that they can repair the dent or remove scratches where you want.

We have more than 40 car care mobile centers in the country that work around your location. These centers can help you with dent repair or scratches removal.

Can Car Cosmetic Repair Dents Of Leased Cars?

Yes, car cosmetics offers the repairing of dents of leased cars. A dent or minor scratch on the body of the car affects the cost of the leased amount. You need to pay some extra fee charges or plenty for the car being dented. However, you don’t need to worry, as we are here to repair the dents.

Being smart and innovative, our specialists offer cost-effective dent repair at your doorstep. We offer pocket-friendly dent repair services for the leased car that save your expenses and unexpected fees.

Can DIY Dent Removal Kits Work Effectively Remove The Scratches Or Dent?

Some DIY or shop-bought dent removal kits can work effectively that reduces the impact of a dent on your mobile. However, the DIY solution isn’t the complete and effective way for removing the dent from the car.

With a DIY solution like a dent puller or PDR kit, it seems impossible to get the desired result. The perfect finishing Can’t be achieved with this simple DIY solution.

The incorrect DIY solution makes more harm and repair costs in the long run.

Here at car cosmetics, our specialists completely remove the dents or scratches from your car with a lifetime guarantee. Our experts work hard to remove every spot of the dent. They have unique expertise to put back your car in pristine condition.

How Much Does The Cost Of Repairing Dent Or Scratches From The Dented Car?

The cost of minor or major dents depends upon the location, size, and magnitude of the dented area. As already said, we offer affordable and pocket-friendly dent repair services. Our SMART techniques are very economical that not only save your money but also reduce the insurance fee charges.

Our mobile dent repair services are the most reliable and most economical. Our expert professional techniques minimize the repairing cost and put back your can in brillent condition.

What are paintless dent removal kits or PDR?

This kit has professional tools that work to remove dents or scratches. The paintless dent removal kits have a set of tools that help the user to remove the dents or scratches from the dented area. The PDR or paintless dent removal kits usually contain;

  • Leaves hooks
  • Door jams
  • Plastic punches
  • Multiple types of bars
  • Bars(flat nose and rounded nose) of different angles.
  • Window wedges

Always follow the instruction of PDR before starting the removal of a dent from the vehicle’s body framework. The guideline enables the user to remove major or minor dents effectively and quickly. However, consider the expertise of our specialist to avoid damaging the original paintwork.

Can I remove the scratch or a dent myself?

Yes, you can remove a dent from the vehicle body’s framework with several techniques. You can attempt to remove some sort of dent, but all types of dents can’t be removed effectively.

You can use a unique combination of the plunger, boiling water, and hairdryers for removing the dents. In addition, you can add compressed air to heat and pop up the dented area of the vehicle to remove the scratches or dents. You can also utilize the expertise of professional you tubers for optimum results. However, there is no alternative to professional help.

Attempting a dent or scratch removal yourself is a complicated task. Here at car cosmetic, we have a fantastic reputation for reliable dent repair.

our professional staff based all over the country and perfect for removing all sorts of dents in the most decent way. Our services are not only economical but also unique and innovative. That’s the way we are the most reliable name in the dent repairing the world.

How do car cosmetics pop out a dent?

We use different professional methods to pop out the dent from your car’s body. We use plunger suction cups with specialty tools that pop out the dent from all sides of cars. The process involves a lot of pushing, pulling, and gulling methods that protect your original paintwork from damage.

Get your cost estimate freely by contacting our local professional staff. In addition, you can also visit our nearest car care center for a more satisfactory result.


So if you are looking for paintless dent removal in Leeds, the friendly team at Car Cosmetics is ready to assist you. Get in touch now for more information or for a quote.

2 Advanced Mobile Paintless Dent Removal Techniques

We can remove small to medium size dents from your car, delivering excellent results without paint re-spraying.

Paintless Dent Removal

Small dents up to 3 inches in diameter, with little or no damage to the paintwork can be massaged out from behind the panel. This is known as the PDR (Mobile Paintless Dent Removal). This is a quick and much cheaper alternative to the traditional fill and paint process.


Dent Removal – Glue Pulling

We use this technique when there is no access to the back of the panels or for dents towards the edges of panels.

The process involves the application of a small plastic “mushroom” which is glued to the dent and then removed using a gripping tool, which fixes the dent. The area is then cleaned to leave an as new finish.

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