Textured Bumper Repair


A lot of vehicle manufacturers have chosen to have textured bumpers on their vehicles. Repairing them can be a little tricky, but something we can do at Car Cosmetics. Other service providers will tell you to just throw away the bumper and replace it with a new one, but not us. We can do textured bumper repair at a fraction of the cost of buying a replacement bumper. We provide good value for your money.

Bumper repair is one of the most common repairs we do at Car Cosmetics. It is easy to accidentally hit something while parking. Accidents do happen, and there are times that it is not even your fault. This is one of the reasons why manufacturers have resorted to installing plastic bumpers that are much easier to repair.


But there are cars that come with textured bumpers. They can’t be repainted in order to look as if the accident never happened, just like what you can do with plastic bumpers. Textured bumper repair is done differently. We ensure that the bumper looks good as new after we are done with it.

Bumper scuffs will not only harm the appearance of your car, but it will also have an impact on its resale value. People will think that you have been involved in a major accident, even if it is just a little scratch on the bumper. The good thing is that we are experts in taking care of textured bumper repair. Repairs can be completed with-in two hours and we can match all types of colours and textures.

Not only can we remove the scratches on your textured bumper, we can also do the same with your dashboards that have textured finishes. Some of the most common items that need to be repaired are the mobile phone holes at the dashboard. It can become unsightly over time.

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