Best Car Body Repairs in York

Your vehicle is a representation of you as a person: a scratched car makes people think you don’t care. You want to turn heads well with a clean, polished vehicle, not an eye sore! 

As good of a driver as you may be, accidents do happen. You could get sideswiped by a driver on his cell phone, or someone could open the door to your car at the market.

In either case, getting your auto body repairs in York is as easy as picking up the phone, kicking back, and letting Car Cosmetics fix up your ride. From minor scratch and dent repair to full-on body modification or panel replacement, complete detailed paint jobs. We also pride ourselves in offering most of our services through our mobile fleet of auto repair trucks and vans.

This means that to get your vehicle fixed up. You don’t even need to come into a garage. 

We’ll bring the shop to your home or work and perform the job on-site, saving you time and money. 

You already have to deal with the unpleasant part of having damage fixed on your vehicle; it’s our job to make it a convenient, pleasant experience for all parties involved! No wasting your weekend in a garage waiting for someone to “get around to it” while you sit there sipping burnt coffee.

We pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of car body repairs in and around York, such as:


Bumpers are one of the more common areas on your vehicle to get scratched up from minor collisions, high bumpers with a low vehicle, curbs, etc.

We handle all things bumper scuff related on-site and in-shop. Our bumper repairs are top-notch and will leave your bumper in good-as-new condition.

Deep scratches require more than a simple application of touch-up paint. Our deep scratch repair experts use special techniques and materials to repair the scratch from the inside out, ensuring the paint repair will match and be undetectable once the repair is completed. We do everything the “right” way and are proud that it shows!


Stone chips are, unfortunately, standard and are a popular car body repairs in York service we perform frequently. Roads that haven’t been properly swept or cleaned often get rocks and gravel kicked into the middle of the road.

Other passing vehicles unknowingly will kick the rocks up into your vehicle, leaving small chips and scratches in the paint leading to a range of other potential problems like rust and paint chipping.

Car Cosmetics will repair all stone chips on your paint regardless of what panel it’s on. We provide top-quality colour matching and clear coat matching to ensure you won’t be able to see – or feel – where the old chipped-up area was!

Using highly specialized techniques and tools, we can perform most dent repair jobs without having to repaint the surface.

We can use a combination of paint-safe specialized tools to effectively and efficiently remove dents from various panels on your vehicle, restoring its original shape while saving you money on a new paint job.


Alloy wheels are expensive, especially if you have custom rims on your ride. They’re also susceptible to damage from various sources like curbs and bumps in the road.

We offer the highest grade of alloy wheel refurbishment services in York. 

We’ll make the damage to your wheels a thing of the past. We’ve seen some pretty nasty scrapes and scratches in some high-end wheels and are confident we offer the best service in the area to get it looking brand new again.

We take pride in all the services we offer on all aspects of car body repairs in York and surrounding areas.

We offer competitive prices and mobile services, making Car Cosmetics a sure choice for your next auto body job.

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