Car Scratch Repair

One of the most upsetting things that can happen to your car, most especially if it is new is to find deep scratches and chips. This can be caused by children playing, vandalism scratches, accidental scratching or part of a traffic incident. While respraying your car may cost you thousands of pounds, you have other alternative options when it comes to scratch repairs.

Mobile Car Body Repairs – Deep Scratches

The first thing that needs to be done is to look for a professional company who can help you with your car problem. We, at Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd. can certainly do that for you. With our expertise in car body repairs, we can solve the problem of deep scratches. We take into consideration the manufacture of your car, its age, as well as previous retouches done in order to determine the type of solution that we will implement.

The process, usually, starts with cleaning everything off, making sure that no grease remains. When the surface is ready and free from any other substances, we will fix the scratches, using solvents, paints and other materials that can fix the problem. A primer, or base coat is applied which will serve as a matching paint. Then everything else follows up to the spraying of the protective clear coat.

What Is Car Cosmetics Body Repairs?

Car Cosmetics does not just deal with deep scratches, but mostly all other types of issues revolving around the surface of your car. We at Car Cosmetics specialise in vehicle preparation, which includes a wide array of interior and exterior body work. We take into consideration using the very best products and equipment. We also have years of experience in working with auto body repairs. As a result, we are capable of offering a fast turnaround with the highest quality of services that are available at a very affordable price.

We take pride in the quality of service that we provide to all our customers. We can make your car, appearing old with deep scratches, to a vehicle that looks like it just came off the dealership showroom floor. With our well-trained car body repair professionals, you can certainly be assured that we only have your best interest at heart.

We have you covered if you’re in Leeds, Wakefield, York, or Bradford, we even cover London too. Our team of professionals will come to you and provide you with the best customer service you’ve ever received when it comes to car care and repairs. For bigger jobs, like accident and collision repairs, we can collect your vehicle and bring it back to you once completed. Our turnaround time is typically two to four days. Furthermore, your vehicle will be kept on our secure premises, so you won’t have to worry.

How to remove deep scratch from car?

To easily perform deep scratch removal, you need to have some tools with you. And those are as follows:

·         3,000-grit sandpaper
·         Polishing pads
·         Rubbing and polishing compound
·         Get free toothpaste
·         A portable drill (you can also go with a dual action polishing unit)

If you’re wondering where you will get these from then these are not hard to get. You can get all these items from any auto parts store easily.

1.      Sand the car scratch with sandpaper to fix car scratches (but rub them gently on the surface). After doing this for some time you’ll see the car scratch will become dull and somewhat invisible. Then clean it off with a smooth microfiber towel.

2.  Pour some compound on the polishing pad and start rubbing in on the area that got scratched.

3.      Now drill with the polisher at the speed of 1200 RPM. It will get your car’s shine back.

How to fix deep scratches on car?

Even though someone might say that you should get the expert’s help for deep scratch repair in Bradford. And quite right you may need to attend a car body repair service in your area. But still, there are some scratches that you can repair easily at your home. You just need some simple but right tools and follow the steps carefully.

Things you will need to repair car scratches properly are as follows:

·         Polishing Pad
·         Masking Tape
·         Car Wax
·         Sandpaper
·         Microfiber Towel
·         Paper


1.      The first step is to wash the car properly so there are no dust or dirt particles left on the car’s body. This is very important to save your car scratch from getting bigger.

2.      Sand the scratched part of the car with 2000-grit sandpaper. Keep sanding the body until the metal from inside is visible. (Sand only in the direction of the scratch. Do not sand the undamaged area or it will be bigger and more time taking).

3.      Cover the surroundings of the scratch with masking tape to not let it become bigger. And then spray the primer on the car body properly and when the coloring is done, let it dry for some time.

4.      Here comes the real challenge because you have to mix your paint rightly to match it with your car’s paint shade. You can find the exact color code of your car’s paint on the user manual of the car given by the manufacturer. And start answering this how to repair deep scratches on car to yourself.

5.      Apply a thick layer of paint to the scratched area and let it dry for some time.

6.      You will see that the freshly scratched area is not properly blended in the entire body color. That’s because you haven’t polished it well so polish the repainted area with a polishing pad having quarter-sized beads on it. Keep rubbing it in a circular motion until you reach your required amount of polish and the excessive polish is removed.

How much does it cost to repair a deep scratch on a car?

If your car’s scratch is too deep like the inner silver body of the car is visible, then it will be costly for repairing it. The repairing charges for such deep scratches vary anywhere from $800-$1500 easily depending on the service you use and the type of your scratch.

How do you fix deep gouges in a car?

To make it easy and simple to understand for you, we’ll just count up to 4 simple steps.

1.      Apply some glazing putty on the dent.
2.      Remove the excess putty from the area to get a clean and smooth surface.
3.      Apply the right color code of paint on the area.
4.      Touch up the paint finally, with a smooth and fine brush.

Can a body shop fix deep scratches?

Yes, car body shops are there to handle any kind of dents and scratches. If you can’t do it, don’t worry because they can do it for you no matter where that dent is.

Can deep scratches be buffed?

Well, it depends on the kind of scratch you made on your car. For example, if your car scratch is just a moderate to light kind of scratch, then you can easily buff it out at your home. There’s no need to visit any car body shop if you have enough time and tools.

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