Powder Coated Alloy Wheels


  1. Our powder coated alloy wheels in Leeds are exemplary.
  2. We not only make sure that the entire powder coating process is carried out under best conditions and careful scrutiny; but we also make sure that your wheels are refurbished entirely before the actual process.
  3. Unlike some other companies, we don’t merely repaint the parts that are on show. Rather we take care of the refurbishment of the wheel’s inner rim as well.
  4. Any cracks or damages are promptly taken care of.
  5. We also try our best not to make use of any acids during the process (unless chemical stripping is sorely needed).
  6. The best part is that self-healing coats are applied onto every surface of you wheel.


Powder Coating is a process which is rampantly becoming very popular. It is either used to change the colour of your vehicle alloy wheels or refurbish the existing one. This process deploys the application of a super tough plastic coating on your alloy wheels.

Just a couple of years back, this process used to be a rare one with only a couple of customers asking for their motorbikes, rocker covers and other engine parts to be powder coated; however now with the increasing popularity of this method its demand has also accelerated.

Keeping in line with this trend, we at Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd. have immensely developed and eventually perfected our Powder Coating Technology. Our alloy wheel painting is something for which we are extremely famous, since we give your wheels the face lift they want. Our powder coated alloy wheel company in Leeds would make sure that your wheels look as good as new and can be clad in the colour of your choice.


Wheels have to live an extremely tough life and have to bear a myriad of hardships on a go. Consequently, they might end up getting covered in scrapes and plenty of nicks and scuffs.

This situation can be easily remedied with our powder coated alloy wheels in Leeds. We restore your wheels to their initial state making them look as good as new with our Powder Coating Process. Also, if you want to change the colour of your alloy wheels then this can also be brought about with the very same process.


This process is performed in house and under tightly controlled conditions. The various steps involved in Powder Coating Process for alloy wheels have been elaborated below for your benefit.

  1. Primarily tyres are removed from the wheels. You can both do this yourself and bring us the bare wheels, or we could do this for you and afterwards refit and rebalance the tyres.
  2. Once the tyres have been safely removed, the wheels are then blasted. This is generally done by hand. The wheels are blasted so that any previous layers of paint and lacquer can be removed from them. As a consequence, you end up with bare metal alloy wheels which are ready to get coated.
  3. In case the condition of your wheels prior to powder coating is very poor, then it is very probable that they would be chemically stripped first followed by sandblasting.
  4. Now, any damage in the surface of wheels, their face, rim and edges is taken care of. In order to do so, the wheels are first prepared. They are then dressed and worst case eventually filled.
  5. After repairing all sorts of damage, the wheels are then subjected to a heat treatment. They are pre-heated in an industrial oven at approximately 200 degrees for about twenty minutes. The reason behind this heat treatment is to get rid of any air from your alloy wheels.
  6. The de-gassing of alloys is followed by application of the first layer of powder coat.
  7. This is basically the primer coat that is rich in zinc. It is protective in nature and prevents all sorts of corrosion from taking place. This primer coating has proven to be very effective if applied adequately.
  8. This is followed by the second layer of colour. This second layer of powder coated colour either changes the colour of your wheel or rejuvenates the existing colour. As far as the colours are concerned, there is a wide array of colours as well as finishes available. Moreover, the textures of these colours might vary as well. They might be available in glossy, semi-glossy or matt textures.
  9. A thermal treatment follows these layer coatings.
  10. Moreover, a coating of lacquer is also applied. This lacquer coat enhances the finish of your alloy wheels. It also plays a very important role in safeguarding your wheels against environmental influences.
  11. You can order any finish or colour of your choice. There are various choices available, however we can assure you that our powder coated alloy wheels Company in Leeds will provide you with the best results possible.
  12. Once the wheels have cooled down sufficiently, they are fitted with new valves and tyres are refitted onto them. Furthermore, we also take steps to electronically balance your wheels appropriately before returning them to you or refitting them into your vehicle. In order to balance them, at times we place stick on weights to the inside of the wheels so that the appearance of the finish is not spoiled.
  13. Thus, powder coating bestows an amazing appearance onto your alloy wheels.

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