Small Car Dents Often Happen:

Having a luxury vehicle is not about just showing off the status but responsibility as well! You are responsible not only towards the pedestrians while behind the wheel but for your car too! But admit it or not: Getting small dents becomes inevitable sometimes! Yes, it may be just a matter of seconds to call our experts and get mobile car dent repairs.

Still, it’s a MUST to look over the reasons for small dents. Today’s guide can help you keep an eye on it and prevent the dings next time if possible!  

Reason to check for small car dents before repair

As mentioned, you can’t sometimes prevent vehicle dings from happening! However, you can stay aware of it and inform our experts of the exact reasons to help them find the best solution for car body repairs. Such as:

Sporty kids

Heere’s the biggest possibility to get a car dent with ease, especially while living in a full-of family-dense area. And it’s not unlikely when you find children often playing with a variety of sports balls. 

But if the ball hits your vehicle uncontrollably, the chances of car dents are high. Try to park it in the garage or where kids don’t go for playing!

Car doors 

Office premises always come with a tight parking lot! Yet, it’s not surprising to get dents and dings on your vehicle when your neighbouring car driver opens his car door unyieldingly. Sometimes, it’s even beyond control on a windy day! The best thing you can do is to park your vehicle a little bit away from there!


Auto collision increases the chances of getting dents on the car’s surface more than anything else! Apart from being a defensive driver, you may experience auto body damage many times. At Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd., our experts suggest the following tips to avoid that:

  • Don’t get distracted!
  • Keep your eyes on the street!
  • Try to slow down your vehicle speed when necessary!
  • Look over the road regulations!

Fallen tree branches

Do you park your vehicle outside in your yard often? Then, the windy or stormy climate may cause broken tree branches on your car that can leave dents on the surface. 

But yes, the car dents from road debris are bound to happen. And if you have got ding this morning, come to us now! You can check our YouTube videos on car dent repair to ensure our services before hiring our mobile experts. Stay in touch!


Can tiny dents be removed from cars?

Of course, tiny dents can be removed from any. In fact, even the larger dents and scratches are also easily removed from any car. It’s just a matter of determining, whether is it worth the removal or not. Also, you need to make sure that you follow all the instructions carefully if you doing it on your own. But taking your car to the professionals is always the best and stress-relieving option.

How much does it cost to fix a dent in a car UK?

The dent fixing cost in the UK varies on the type of dent and its size. In fact, its cost varies in every other area. Hence, we have collected some most to least charges range of the dent fixing costs. The range goes from £450 to £60 depending on various factors that involve in pricing the car dent removal. The cost between these two values will be determined because of the effect of the place, dented area, car body type, and the urgency factor.


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