Best Mobile Car Body Repairs


Whether you’re at home or at your workplace, Car Cosmetics is a mobile car body repairs service and can come to you, saving you both time and money. Using modern technology we can apply the original manufacturers paint code, normally found within the vehicle to our database, enabling us to mix your exact colour to your vehicle, all on site. A typical repairs could save you up to 50% in cost and 2-3 days use of your vehicle, when compared with a conventional body shop quote.

We repair damage to alloy rims and spokes caused by kerbs or other factors, which looks both unsightly and can detract from your vehicles value. All marks, pitting and damage can all be repaired back to the original manufacturers. There is no need to remove the tyre or even the wheel from the vehicle, we do not even need to take or send your wheels away. All repairs can be carried out on the vehicle, on site at your location by our mobile car body repairs service and normally takes on average, one hour per alloy wheel. Alloy wheel corrosion is becoming a common problem on cars, due to the extreme weather conditions to be found in the UK during the winter months. This may result in peeling lacquer, bubbling of the surface of the wheel. Our unique repair systems enables us to take the surface of the wheel back to ”bare metal” and completely repair the wheel back to show room condition. The processes are much the same as a normal alloy wheel repair but may take a little longer to complete.


Further to customer requests Car Cosmetics can now color code bumpers or wing mirrors to a colour of your choice. We also offer colour changing of alloy wheels from normal factory silver to white, gun metal grey to your car body colour. All this still can be done in our mobile car body repairs service.


Other larger or more awkward dents located around the edges of panels, wheel arches, roof joints or in plastics may need to be filled and painted.


Using unique motorcycle repair technique our technicians will repair only the damaged part of your bike. We apply the original manufacturers paint code system that allows an accurate colour match the motorcycles paint colour. We are able to match over 90 percent of all bikes currently on the roads, that around 40% more than most other bodyshops and repair the damaged panel back to an as new condition thus saving you money over replacing the whole fairing.


How Do I Know If My Vehicle Can Be Repaired By Your Mobile Service?

To get to know the kind of mobile car body repair services we do, just click some clear pictures of your damage and send them to us. We will see them and come to your location within 24-48 hours if it can be done there. But if it needs to be brought to our place, then we’ll tell you clearly about it.

How Much Room Do I Need For The Mobile Repair To Be Done At My Home Or Workplace?

When your car damage can be repaired at your place, we come in a van with some technicians. We have very little equipment and it doesn’t need too much space. But your place must have a driveway where we can park our van or a big garage. Also, if you don’t have enough space, you can park your car at any off-street car parking. Actually, our workers can help with this a lot better after coming to your location.

Can The Work Be Carried Out If It’s Raining?

Yes, normal rain cannot stop us from working because we come with complete equipment and planning. Our repair vans are all equipped with 3m x 3m canopies and they are well protected. So, nothing can stop us from working to give you the best and fast service as soon as possible, except a strong thunderstorm.

Do You Need Power?

Yes, if you are somewhere where you have active power sources, then it’s a great thing to know. But as our service is mobile so you may not be always at a place where you have power. Therefore, we have generators in our vans to comply with all electricity needs. You don’t need to be worried about anything.

How Will You Match My Car Color?

We have several color picker testers that tell us about the exact color code of your car. So, choosing the right color is not a problem for us as we pick more than 90% of the exact color of the cars. This ratio is not common because all the other technicians don’t have such high accuracy. Their color picker testers can only be correct up to 50% which means we are 40% ahead with the accuracy ratio. Then we mix all the required color schemes to make the color of your car. Hence, you can trust our service for sure.

How Do I Book My Car In For Repair?

Just visit our website and get a quote for your car body repair service. After getting the quote successfully, you will be given a reference number. Now one of our customer care representatives will contact you through that reference number. Just tell them all the details and you will be booked in.

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