What is a Smart Repair? Why do you need it?

It is never a good feeling of getting your car scratched or damaged and keeping it like this. But it is a fact that sometimes you hit a stop pole and an unwanted bad-looking dent or damage appears on your bonnet or trunk. Car lovers never live with a damaged car. If they love it, they’ll prove it with its repairing as soon as possible. Because it makes their car look nice and good again as well as ensures the protection from further damage to that point.

This article is focused on answering the question what is smart car repair and how it works.

What is a smart repair?

The term SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. That means that you can use some specialized tools and other equipment like the paint, and repair the damaged area only at the damaged point. After using the SMART car repair technology, you won’t need to replace or repaint the entire part of the car body. Additionally, this SMART technology is so efficient that you will only need to repair and repaint the damaged area alone. It eliminated the need to redo the entire part. Furthermore, the risk of making the damaged area more prominent with the localized paint is not a problem because it blends in so seamlessly.

In the older days, people used to take their cars to the mechanics just because of a very small dent or scratch. And they used to take out the entire body part of the car to repair that one section. Sometimes, it was easy but most of the time it was very hectic and time consuming.  But not with SMART car repair technology, because it reduced the repair time dramatically by taking it from a few weeks to a few hours. Also, the technological advancement made the repair cost a lot cheaper than before as it was both, time-consuming and costly in the earlier days.

What is a smart repair on a car?

There are a few things about smart car repair that everyone wants to get their hands on. Firstly, this method of getting your car repaired is always cost-effective. Secondly, it saves a lot of time for you because now you don’t have to take your car to a local garage for getting car repaired in the UK. Third, there is no need to replace or repaint the entire part of the car, because now we can repair and repaint just the damaged area of the car. Overall, there’s no need to use the old methods when you can have your car fixed in just a few hours.

What can a SMART repair fix?

Smart car repair technology has no limits when it comes to repairing the body parts of a car. It can be your car’s bumper, door panel, or whatever, if it’s a part of your car’s body, it is done with the smart repair technology for the car. We cover the damaged of dents, scratches, or any other kind of problems unless they’re small or medium level damages.

The paintwork is guaranteed to be flawless as we do it with our specialized machinery. The machinery repairs and paints the car very smoothly without letting anyone notice if there was a scratch or damage to the car. We can do the scuffed alloy wheels, damaged exterior trims, and anything up to the medium level.

Types of damages that we entertain are:

Our technology-driven small car damage repair service is the best option for almost any kind of small exterior damage. Following are some of the examples to give an understanding of what we cater to.

  • Scratch repair
  • Dent repair
  • Alloy wheel repair
  • Alloy wheel refurbishment
  • Exterior trim repair
  • Bumper repair

SMART repairing general procedures

The procedure for SMART repairing a car varies for damage type, size, and the model of car you have. Sometimes, the car’s exterior gets damaged or dented, and sometimes paint comes off following the damage. In such cases, the smart car repair only requires filler and just a resprayer.

If there is only a dent that occurred due to an accidental hit but no paint came off, then there’s no need to use respray or any type of filler. Because it only requires gently pushing the dented part from the inside and it will get in place right away.

Suppose your car has the paint damaged, there’s no need to be worried because then you can contact us. We have specialists who always carry a spectrophotometer with them that scans the car’s color code and tells them what paint formula to mix. This way, they can even blend the color very easily even if the car has become old or its paint has faded due to sunlight. They’re so experienced in their fields that nobody, not even a car mechanic can figure out where the paintwork happened.

What benefits come along with the selection of the SMART repair?

SMART repair brings a lot of advantages with the technological beneficial factors. It can be anything, but some of the most important and admired advantages of SMART repair are listed below.

  • Efficient and effective repair
  • A convenient Service
  • Cost-effective car repair
  • Maximizes resale value
  • Ensures perfect color matching
  • Fully guaranteed repairs
  • High standards


Our service is available all over the UK so don’t worry if you had an accident and now want to get your car repaired in smart repair cost UK. Because now no need to worry about paying extra charges for less work, we’ll get it done in exactly the amount how much it costs. Sometimes, we don’t even take the car to the garage if there’s small damage.

Do we hope that now you know much about what is smart car repair? If you found this article useful, please share it with others.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How does smart repair work?

When your car gets damaged, we take details from you and send our team. Our damage analysis team analyzes the damage and the amount it requires to be repaired. After the cost, procedure, and time estimation is done, we’ll get it done for you. If your car doesn’t require to be resprayed, we won’t do it. But if it needs to be, we’ll do it professionally and it will look like it came out of the company today.

What does smart repair cover?

The smart repair covers the small and medium levels of dents and paints jobs on any car body. There are no restrictions on what body parts can be repaired through SMART repair. If the car is damaged from the outside and the exterior needs to be redone, we’ll do it for you at a very low cost.

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