How to protect your car from scratches

Well, you may not be an exception who hates finding a scratch on the brand new car. Isn’t it? Don’t worry! Our experts of Car Cosmetics suggest some simple ways to avoid paintwork scratches and dents while going outside and also repair car scratches.

How to avoid getting scratches on the new car

True to say that car scratch is an eye-shore. But it doesn’t end here! The minor dents and paintwork scratches reduce the resale value of the vehicle if you leave it unrepaired.

car scratch repairs

If you don’t have time to visit our automobile shop for car scratch repair, we will be at your place. All you need is to send a message on WhatsApp via iPhone messenger at 07803 24288 to get a quote today and fix a schedule!

Still, we recommend you follow the tips below to avoid car scratches. Such as:

Keep a check on your parking!

Undoubtedly, it’s the first and foremost reason that people get scratch on their new cars. Several reasons can be here for the car dents or paintwork scratch. For instance, you may be a careless and inefficient driver. Or, a passenger can give a scratch on your car surface while passing with luggage or trolley.

That’s why make sure to pay attention to the white lines drawn in the car parks. You have to keep your vehicle within the lines while trying to avoid the slots near the trolley parks and other cars. And if you are parking on the street, try to leave it in a safe place or a private area to avoid a vandal scratch.

Are you giving your car a hand wash or wax?

Here’s another chance of getting a car scratch! People often apply incorrect tricks to keep their car clean or take it to the automatic car wash. It can cause minor scratches and paintwork removal.

Try to use shampoo to rinse it and cotton or microfiber fabric cloth to dry your vehicle. Otherwise, bring your vehicle to us for Car Valeting to restore the shine! If you have any doubt, you can check our before and after section for other repairs as well.

However, if you prefer giving a regular hand wash to your vehicle, use car wax. It will help you prevent car scratches during your daily cleaning process and smoothen the paint.

Have a smooth and careful car drive!

Not only car parks and hand wash, but paintwork scratches and dents are a sign of inefficient driving, as well. You can give your vehicle minor or major scratches on its surface while on the move.

For example, when driving through a narrow lane, your car can hit the low-hanging tree branches or the light posts. Try to keep your speed lower than usual to avoid such mishaps that can cause minor dents and scratches. Furthermore, skip taking pebble routes if possible!

Were the tips helpful for you? If you need a mobile car scratch fix, color match, or any car body repair, contact us today!

Our specialists will be at your doorstep when you need them.


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