Chiron or Not Chiron?

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Vision Gran Turismo

We begin with the concept car that served as the direct inspiration to bring the Chiron into production. This concept car is different and cannot be considered a Chiron. The Vision GT combines aspects of an LMP1 Le Man prototype with Bugatti’s signature production hypercar.

The prototype is shown to the public at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and uses the brand’s signature engine: the massive 8-litre quad-turbo W16. Coupled with the engine is a seven-speed sequential gearbox that transmits the 1479 HP to all four wheels.

In terms of design, there are many race car aspects, such as the shark fin on the engine cover – typical of Le Mans LMP1s -NACA ducting on the sides and a widening kit inspired by those used in the German DTM.

Continuing with the aerodynamic upgrades, huge diffusers and adjustable rear wing offer stability at high speeds on the long tracks of the Circuit de La Sarthe. The beautiful two-tone blue colour scheme was taken directly from the Bugatti Type 57 Tank, winner of the 1937 and 1939 24 Hours of Le Mans.

As you can see, this prototype served as the basis for the production model that would become known as the Chiron. There is only one Vision GT in the world, with a price tag of from… hold on to your seat… £4 million up to £14 million!

If you can’t afford it, don’t worry, you can drive this prototype in the Gran Turismo Sport game in the concept car racing category.

You can unleash the 1627 HP of this virtual model and reach 288 mph on the Mulsanne Straight of the Circuit de La Sarthe. Or maybe one day you’ll be able to drive one in the Metaverse.

Chiron habillé par Hermès

This Bugatti is a one-off version that, aesthetically, is different from the standard Chiron and the only car built by Bugatti and designed by a rich guy and a luxury design house. To talk about the Chiron Hermès, we must necessarily talk about an individual with far too much money and good taste.

Manny Koshbin is an American collector of exclusive and luxurious cars. Let’s say that his garage rivals the Sultan of Brunei and Jay Leno put together. He was looking for something different in his collection, and Bugatti was one of his first choices.

Representatives of the brand approached Koshbin and offered him a Super Sport 300+. Still, he turned down the offer because a Bugatti worthy of his garage had to be exclusive, unique, and unrepeatable, to paraphrase his words a little.

So Koshbin arranged an agreement between Bugatti and the designer brand Hermès to make the dream car that even the Sultan of Brunei himself would like to have in his garage.

The car’s construction began in 2016, with Hermès being very meticulous in choosing a colour, fabrics, ornaments, and accessories as they know the style of Manny Koshbin, a regular customer of the brand.

Koshbin wanted a Bugatti Chiron that was elegant and simple but still luxurious. The collector did not receive his car until three years later because Hermès could not decide which colour to paint the car. In the end, the luxurious chalk-white Chiron saw the light of day and found a place in Koshbin’s garage.

The front grille design is unique in the world, the rear spoiler is painted with a horse pattern designed by Hermès, and the rear bumper is painted in the same colour as the body, something no other Chiron has.

This is repeated inside the cashmere fabric that contrasts the exquisite, high-quality white leather that covers the entire cabin. Inside there are also unique Hermès-made emblems and inscriptions in French.

If that wasn’t enough, Manny Koshbin has no problem updating his YouTube channel with his brand new £4.6 million Chiron.

But… this man is not the owner of the world’s most exclusive Bugatti Chiron. There is a second Chiron that few know about. 

Are you interested to know? stay until the end of the video.


Named after French racing driver Albert Divo, it is presented as a new £4.2 million driving experience that will NEVER be available in a Bugatti Chiron.

Before we go any further, a few points need to be clarified. The brand makes the Divo. It is a Chiron, but after extensive body modifications and suspension tweaks, it makes it a different car from the base Chiron.

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The Divo brings back that old tradition of coachbuilders making unique models but adapting to new car-building techniques. With 40 units scheduled for production, let’s see what this new model offers.

The extensive work on the bodywork is noticeable. The design gives the car increased downforce and improved cornering stability. The result? 90 kilograms of extra downforce and 1.6G of lateral acceleration. Racecar level!

The suspensions were reinforced to give new driving sensations to the 40 selected customers chosen by the brand. Here are the specifications.

The beast’s heart delivers 1479 HP of power to all 4 wheels thanks to the Bugatti in-house 7-speed sequential transmission. 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds and reaches an electronically limited speed of 236 mph.

With these numbers, the Divo can do a lap of the Nardo circuit 8 seconds faster than the Chiron. Amazing, don’t you think?


Regarding racing, the following model brings the sensations of a true Le Man’s prototype to those who can afford the modest price of £3.7 million.

The automotive press considers it, and us too, to be one of the most beautiful cars designed in recent years. The question now arises as to what Bugatti is looking for with this car besides having another jewel on wheels.

It all started as a creative exercise by the designers of the Molsheim-based company. During a coffee break, they asked themselves: how far can the Chiron go? After several days, even months, of design and mock-ups, the final result exceeded expectations.

Conceived as a concept car, the executive board went further and approved the production of this exact model.

With 40 units scheduled for production, the Bolide RADICALLY transforms the Chiron’s base platform into a refined racing car. In simple words: this is not another Chiron version, and I’ll explain why.

Inside the beast is the 8-litre quad turbo W16 engine, but with an extra 100 HP of power taking it to 1579 HP. The 7-speed sequential gearbox has been tuned to have a gear ratio befitting a racing car.

The exterior design reflects the clear inspiration from the Le Mans LMP1s and the occasional vestige of the 2015 Vision GT. The aerodynamic elements will deliver 1800 kg of power at the rear and 900 kg at the front at 200 mph.

The carbon fibre monocoque body is reinforced to withstand high speeds. The Bolide’s height has been lowered by 300 mm compared to the Chiron and the widening kit to make better use of downforce. All this includes a notable weight reduction to 1450 kg, almost 550 kg less than the Chiron.

The Bolide has more downforce, more power, less weight and new driving sensations than the Chiron. So, it’s a whole new car, don’t you think?

According to Bugatti, the Bolide accelerates from 0-60 in 2.17 seconds and can have a top speed of over 310 mph. Astonishing numbers for a car out of this world!


“Centodieci”, or A Hundred and Ten in English, is Bugatti’s homage car to its founder Ettore Bugatti.

It was built in 2019, the year Bugatti celebrated its 110th anniversary. As is the brand’s custom, they used the occasion to unveil an exclusive model limited to 10 production units, with production starting in early 2022.

Those in the know will know that at first glance, the Centodieci is reminiscent of another Bugatti from 30 years ago. The design is directly inspired by the Bugatti EB110, the first of the modern era before the Volkswagen Group acquired the brand.

The front end is taken directly from the EB110 but redesigned to look more aggressive and in keeping with the brand’s new trend. 

In honour of the old model, the five-side air intakes were designed to be almost identical to the EB110.

The rear includes a spoiler and diffuser to stabilise the car at high speeds. The interior is a true cockpit, sharing many elements with the Chiron except for certain details, such as the Centodieci name on the seats.

On the performance side, we find that the basis of this model is that of the Chiron. The transmission, powertrain, and engine are the same as a standard Chiron. Performance is similar, going 0-60 in 2.4 seconds and a top speed limited to 236 mph.

But, to say that the Centodieci is another Chiron is a SERIOUS MISTAKE. Yes, it is based on the Chiron, but it uses a new bodywork that gives new driving sensations. Sensations that cost 8 million euros – £6.7 million – and that ONLY 10 exclusive customers will have the honour of experiencing, like Cristiano Ronaldo for example.

La Voiture Noir

In previous videos, we have already told you about this one-off, but now we will take a closer look at this black car that is definitely NOT, and will definitely NOT be a Chiron.

The Voiture Noir is a special Bugatti edition sold to a client who prefers to keep his identity secret. Beyond the brand’s investment in making this model unique, the real value lies in its link to another Bugatti lost in history.

Between 1936 and 1939, Bugatti built four Type 59 SC Atlantic models. The second model, painted black and nicknamed La Voiture Noir, was the personal car of Jean Bugatti, president of the brand at the time.

Shortly after the fourth model was completed, war broke out, and Jean Bugatti was killed in a tragic accident. His black Atlantic was loaded onto a train and sent to Bordeaux to save it from the Nazis.

The train never reached its destination, and the Atlantic disappeared without a trace. Even today, the car is still missing, and a juicy reward is offered to anyone who can find it.

This thriller and the story behind the Atlantic prompted Bugatti to offer a unique model to pay tribute to the car. The result is a piece of engineering and craftsmanship NEVER SEEN before in modern times.

Carbon fibre is the predominant material in the car. Most of the bodywork is made of this material, and the car’s paint is nothing more than a carbon fibre coating. All the panels and that windscreen that integrates with the sides in one piece were handmade.

Bugatti widened the wheel axles to give better stability on the road. At the rear, we can see six exhausts instead of the Chiron’s usual four. The interior looks like it came out of a French tailor’s workshop; the brand keeps the details to itself, except that the premium leather comes from Havana Brown.

This Grand Tourer, by definition, uses the Chiron’s base and Bugatti’s flagship engine. The brand is withholding technical details, and the anonymous owner will have to test drive the car to clear up any doubts.

What is certain is that, after a base price of 11 million euros excluding tax, the total for this car is no less than 16.5 million euros… if we speak in Queen’s English, that would be about 14 million pounds.

Somebody call a doctor!

18/3 Chiron

If you thought the 2016 Bugatti Chiron was the only one in existence, sorry, mate. Before the Veyron came out, there was already a Chiron in prototype form.

The Bugatti 18/3 Chiron is a prototype made in 1999, a year after the Volkswagen Group bought the brand. If we look at it in detail, this car is the forerunner of the styling the brand would use on the Veyron.

For example, the 8-spoke wheels and the front end would be the characteristics of the future Veyron. However, this prototype has hidden secrets.

In addition to the bodywork and engine, the powertrain, chassis, and transmission came directly from a Lamborghini Diablo VT. The beautiful coupé bodywork painted in French racing blue by Italdesign adds the finishing touch.

Speaking of the engine, it was fitted with a 555 HP, 390 pound-feet of torque W18, which is mated to a manual gearbox and transmits the power to all four wheels. Some say it does 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and reaches 208 mph, but these numbers were never confirmed.

Great story, don’t you think?

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