Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars – 2021

The automotive industry is one of the most conservative and rarely opens space for new ideas.

This is why designers strive to bring new challenges to engineers with radical and attractive design, technology, and mechanics proposals.

Concept cars are just that. The escape valve for designers and creators of cars, and today we will meet ten proposals for 2021.

Prepare your shot of Whisky and get comfortable. You are about to enter the automotive future.

Throughout history, brands have used concept cars to unveil new trends or showcase new technologies under development.

Rarely does a concept car pass the approval for mass production, although today we will know one that managed to pass this barrier but that not even Lewis Hamilton himself could get?

So take a seat and get ready to open your mind to the most radical and extreme trends of 2021 in the form of concept cars. You won’t believe what we have prepared for you!

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Genesis Essentia

Genesis is Hyundai’s premium division; the established South Korean brand opened this new subsidiary to compete with renowned brands such as Lexus, Infinity, and Acura.

As a letter of introduction, they unveiled at the New York Auto Show their vision of what a Grand Tourer should be: the Essentia.

Carbon fibre bodywork, Stardust Gray Metallic finish, and smoothed lines so that this coupe offers the least possible wind resistance. The suspension was lowered to the lowest level to offer stability in curves and give an elegant silhouette and very typical of a GT.

The brand seeks to integrate the driver and the car’s interface into one, with a sophisticated exterior monitoring system. Speaking of interiors, the seats are covered in cognac leather, mixing classic colours but following current fashion trends and shapes. And we cannot forget the elegant butterfly doors that give access to the cabin.

As expected, this new car concept is what we call a 100% electric coupe. It is expected to have more than 1000 horsepower, and its price will exceed 55,000 pounds or 75,000 dollars, and it will go into production eventually.

Renault Morphoz

The 2020 Geneva Auto Show was the stage Renault used to present one of its most exotic cars: the Morphoz concept.

It is an electric SUV oriented to be a car for a ride with friends or family, and which has the ability to extend its dimensions. This car is a true transformer.

Let’s see it as a mobile meeting room with the option of driving in the city or on long trips.

According to the brand, the Morphoz ranges from 248 miles in city mode and 434 miles in travel mode. And yes, I mentioned that it extends its load capacity in travel mode. It’s crazy.

Although still at the concept stage, Renault seeks to combine the practicality of an SUV with the advantages of a city car. Will it pass the production approval barrier? Who knows?

Faraday FFZero1

I want you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine an electric car with a Le Mans prototype body homologated for the streets. Do you have it?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Faraday FFZero1.

This Batmobile is the prototype of the Californian brand Faraday Future. Premiered at the 2016 Las Vegas CES, the FFZero1 was shown as a unique electric supercar and is inspired by nothing less than racing cars. Very high competition.

The single-seater is more of a racing car experience adapted for the streets. According to the brand: “…it is not a concept car, it is a car of concepts”. Its radical lines and that long wing to channel the wind is clear proof that the designers are avid followers of motorsport.

The main focus of this concept car is its VPA platform and its quad drive traction system, using four electric motors in the wheels and with the option to change the traction to front, rear, or all-wheel drive.

Will we see it on the streets? Probably not, but just seeing its lines is more than enough to put it as a wallpaper.

Aston Martin Lagonda Vision

Lagonda is the exclusive division of Aston Martin. The name is reserved for those models above the expectation of a regular Aston, and wow, the 2018 Geneva Motor Show was the perfect occasion to unveil a new Lagonda after many years of absence.

The Vision was Aston Martin’s proposal to position Lagonda as a brand above the luxury brands while being at the forefront in offering luxury cars without CO2 emissions.

The Aston Martin Lagonda Vision is a four-seater coupe sedan with enough interior space to accommodate a meeting room. The entire cabin is geared to provide the greatest possible comfort and luxury. The seats have the ability to swivel 180 degrees, and the footrests extend to the size of an adult person.

The attraction of the Lagonda Vision is its solid-state batteries, a revolutionary proposal that would allow recharging in surprising times and give a range of more than 400 miles.

But it’s not all good news. With a view to launching it into production in 2021, the model was canceled after several delays and we will continue waiting to see the Lagonda name again on the streets.

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Citroën 19-19

To celebrate its 100th birthday, Citroën unveiled its latest electric concept car, aimed at long trips outside the city: the 19-19.

At first glance, it looks like a slipper, but the French brand claims that this prototype is more comfort-oriented, boasting a hydropneumatic suspension inherited from that seen on the 2CV.

The cabin seats are suspended, lined in what appears to be sportswear fabric, and with the classic Citroën touch of reviving the vintage steering wheel.

According to the brand, the concept car aims to offer up to 497 miles of range induction charging and 20-minute fast charging for 372 miles.

It may not make it to mass production, but the technology behind it I have no doubt we will see in the brand’s factory models in the near future.

Toyota LQ

No, you don’t have to rub your eyes. This car is not a deformed Prius. This car, the Toyota LQ, was unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show to demonstrate something beyond a conventional electric car.

Unlike the futuristic concept car it pretends to be, this one appears to be a model with a tendency to mass production, or at least that the technology it incorporates will be used in other existing models.

Inside, the classic gauges are replaced by 3D images. The upholstery, very clean and chic, takes inspiration from science fiction movies… apparently.

Even if you are driving alone, you will be accompanied by Yui, the artificial intelligence assistant that will take care of you and recommend taking breaks after a long journey.

But the most striking feature of the concept car is its air purification system. Conventional air intakes were discarded in favor of ozone purifiers, which transmit a fresh and healthy feeling to the passenger compartment.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

Or should I call it the Avatar car? Mercedes presented its most radical concept car at CES in Las Vegas in 2020, and it breaks ALL the rules.

To begin with, it has no steering wheel. It also has no gauges, or very few. It has no pedals, much less a handbrake… so what the heck is this all about?

From the acronym AVTR, Advanced Vehicle Transformation, this concept is a bet on the integration of the human mind with the machine.

The official website indicates that it is an electric car, which uses batteries made with organic cells and grapheme. In other words, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

The interface, once the mind is connected to the car, consists of highly intuitive 3D holograms that allow the driver to select the functions to start and infotainment.

Pretty radical, don’t you think?

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100

As you know, BMW is the owner of Rolls-Royce and in 2016 celebrated its 100 years of existence by showing a new concept car for the British brand.

The Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100, is the declaration of intent to convert its models into fully electric cars. No hybrids, it’s all or nothing. According to the brand, the Vision Next 100 is the beacon of luxury and beauty of the electric cars of the future.

In the purest style of the brand, each model will be unique and personalized by its owner. If we look at the images of the interior, it’s impressive that there are no traditional controls to drive the car.

The brand assures that the future of cars is autonomy, and bets heavily on the artificial intelligence Eleanor, who will accompany the occupants on trips worthy of royalty. More than a car, this concept car aims to be a luxury lounge where you can share a Bollinger ’58 with beluga caviar.

Apple iCar

If Tesla considered itself the Apple of cars, then Apple took this statement very seriously and for some time now, has been developing a totally incredible autonomous mobility project.

We have to go back to 2014 when the first rumors came out that Apple was looking to make an autonomous driving electric vehicle.

There were many doubts, news of agreements with Volkswagen there was even a person arrested for allegedly leaking secrets to Chinese automakers.

What is certain is that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, confirmed there is a team of engineers working on this project.

There are many online renderings and false rumors. Until we see Tim Cook himself announce the iCar, or Titan as its codename, this concept car idea will not be a reality for some time.

Mercedes-AMG One

After its overwhelming achievements in Formula 1 and making this competition a true single-brand championship, Mercedes-Benz commemorates it with its Mercedes-AMG One concept car.

This work combines the turbo-hybrid engine of the 2016 F1 championship-winning Mercedes W07 with a mind-blowing car destined to break records.

All the power is transmitted to the rear wheels through its custom-built, single-clutch manual transmission. Other elements brought over from F1 include central wheel locks, lightweight interior materials, and a choice of exterior colors.

After being approved for production, the 275 units were sold for 2.3 million pounds (3.2 million dollars). Among its owners, we find Nico Rosberg, 2016 champion, who will once again drive a Mercedes car with the engine that took him to glory.

If it’s not already clear, electrification is the way to go. The new normal is zero emissions and 100% electric cars.

Maybe the new designs don’t arouse as many emotions as those of the past, but one thing we do know for sure is that prototypes are increasingly tending to become production supercars.

So I ask you, which concept car would you not hesitate to have in your garage once production starts? I’ll read you in the comments.

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