FAQs on Mobile Paintless Dent Removal

Of course, every car owner wants to take pride in having a clean, sparkling car surface. Yet, they try their best to keep those in pristine condition! But it’s just a matter of the blink of an eye, and you can end up experiencing accidents. After all, you can’t predict that! Then, if you find scratches and dents on your car surface, it’s time to call our experts for mobile paintless dent removal.

Hold on! If you haven’t get paintless dent removal before, queries may bother you. Isn’t it? In today’s blog, we have shown up with the answers to the most common questions asked by our clients regarding this.

Q&A about Mobile Paintless Dent Removal you must know

Yes, when you are getting a service new for your vehicle, having knowledge is mandatory! And these are queries that we often get from our customers on our Facebook about mobile paintless dent removal services. Have a look:

Is paintless dent removal good and effective for my car?

Honestly, it’s a new dent repair solution trending these days. Hence, the car owners remain on a fix if they should get it for their vehicle. But mobile paintless dent removal is not only good but great for your car surface that got dents. 

From small to larger dents- this process works like a MAGIC! You can check our work YouTube videos to ensure that! But yes, the deeper the dent is, the procedure gets more challenging for us!

Is there any advantage I can get from paintless dent removal?

The best part of paintless dent removal is it removes the dents with no damage to the car paintwork. Also, it takes quite less time and money than the traditional dent removal process. And when you get mobile service, we will come to you that’s convenient. Isn’t so?

What are the charges for a paintless dent removal service?

At Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd., we start at £60+vat per panel. And you need not wait much for the process! It takes only a couple of hours but can extend depending on the depth of dents. We offer two different paintless dent removal techniques, such as glue pulling and paintless. Anyway, both can affect the resale value of your vehicle positively.  Do you have more queries? Feel free to ask that, and we will answer you. Also, you can get a quote today just by a call! Stay in touch!


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