MYTHS About Paintless Dent Removal to Get Over!

Picture this: you may get into a hail storm, or you have put more pressure on the car surface at the time of cleaning than it requires. And the result is nothing but scratch or dent on your vehicle! Needless to mention, you won’t love to go out with a car full of scratches! But most people avoid getting dent repair because of paint damage. Don’t worry! Paintless dent removal can ease your stress here! 

In this process, the experts remove the dent or scratch from your car surface while keeping the paintwork intact. But many people skip the idea because of some illogical misconceptions floating in the air! 

Stop believing these misconceptions on paintless dent removal

When you find a noticeable dent or scratch on your car’s door, only a question may be on your mind, “How on this earth will it get fixed keeping the paint exactly?” 

Of course, there’s no better option than paintless dent removal that you often overlook but following these myths mentioned below. Such as:

DIY can result just like a pro!

Yes, you may have already searched over Google and YouTube for DIY tricks to repair dents and scratches on your own. After all, who else doesn’t want to save a few bucks!

But sometimes, your smartness can make things worse! Without having professional training, you can end up with permanent damage to your vehicle and the paintwork. That’s why it’s always smart to take your car to the experts. They will ensure that the paintwork will remain intact while removing the dent too.

Dent removal is quite expensive!

Well, it’s partly TRUE! Yet, many people skip the professional paintless dent removal to save their wallets from getting a bad hit! But DIY tricks can cost you more than the charges of the experts. On the other hand, the fact is that it depends on the conditions of your car dents and scratches.

The overall expenses can vary from one to another! But at Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd., the charges start from £60+vat per panel. In fact, we offer discounts on more than one panel.

Paintless dent removal can fix any type of scratch!

Yes, it’s the best alternative to get rid of your crumpled metal, but too much faith is not that good! It’s an illogical faith that the experts have years of experience what makes it possible for them to fix any dents. However, even the technicians cannot fix some scratches. For instance, extremely sharp dents or chipped paint are merely impossible to repair. Yet, spending money in this regard is not that smart!

Dents can return even after getting paintless dent removal!

It’s a misconception of the car owners! These days, most vehicle manufacturing companies use metal alloy to make different car models. Yet, once our experts have fixed the dent or scratch on the car surface, it won’t come back. The metal will turn into its original shape!

Paintless dent removal can stretch the paint!

It’s also a partly TRUTH! As mentioned before, paintless dent removal is not applicable for every dent and scratch condition. Providing paintless dent removal technique on chipped bodywork can stretch the paint more. It will work only on the metalwork that gets damaged by harsh climate or car door’s opening on your vehicle! Have you found it helpful enough? Then, just give us a call to get a paintless dent removal service. In fact, minor accidents can cause scratches and dents on the bumper. So, if you need a professional bumper scuff repair, our team can help you out! Stay in touch for more details!

Is paintless dent repair worth it?

The paintless dent repair procedure is a terrific approach to restoring your car’s body panels if you want to have it dent-free for a small fraction of the cost and in less time. The majority of paintless dent repairs can be finished in less than a day and cost substantially less than traditional repairs and repainting.
Paintless dent repair sometimes referred to as paintless dent removal or PDR, is an excellent option that is completely worthwhile for getting rid of tiny dents that might lower the market value of your automobile while restoring the appearance of your car.

How to remove sharp dents from your car?

We frequently attempt to repair dents on our cars ourselves since hiring a professional would be expensive. Sharp dents can be difficult to remove, but there are several fast fixes, so it’s not impossible. Here is the simple method to remove the sharp dent by using a hammer.
Gain access to the panel’s dented side. Access the other side of the dent by using the necessary tools as well. Wrap a cloth around the hammer to lessen the force that it will have on the dent and your hand. For simple removal, just tap the dent with a hammer. The dent will quickly pop out.

How to get a dent out of a car?

In particular, if it is the first ding in a new vehicle, there is nothing worse than getting a dent in your car or truck. But don’t get sad, there are plenty of ways to get rid of dents by yourself. Here is one method that will help you a lot.
Modern cars feature plastic bumpers, which make them more flexible and easier to release dents from. If the bumper of your car or truck has damage, you may take it out and use boiling water to help press the dent out of the plastic. Pour some hot, boiling water over the afflicted area. Push the dent out with your hands by extending your hand behind it. Since the plastic has warmed up, it should be pliable and so easier to remove the dent.

Paintless dent removal cost per panel?

The use of specialized equipment and paintless dent repair allows you to remove dings and dents from your automobile without damaging the paint. This implies that painting, fillers, or sanding are not required.
Actually, every company has their own price for removing dents. But usually, paintless dent repair will cost between $90 and $200 per damaged panel. A job typically costs roughly $125 per body panel. The price of dent repair will vary depending on the size, location, and kind of material that has been damaged.


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