Mobile Car Body Repairs vs Car Ins. Companies

Let’s face it insurance is never a good idea, insurance companies design their policies with one thing in mind and that is to take as much money from you as they can and give back as little as possible. You will always end up losing when it comes to insurance premiums and where possible it is best to avoid them. Sadly car insurance is one type of insurance that you cannot avoid everybody has to have it by law.
Motor accidents are never a pleasant experience; not only is the risk to your life and limb a serious concern but you also face the prospect of being without your vehicle whilst any damage is repaired and this is where you need to make a choice. Do you have it repaired through your car insurance company or do you use the services of a mobile car body repair service?

One might think claiming on your insurance is the best option, after all that is what we pay our premium for, however as mentioned earlier insurance policies are designed for only one thing and that is for the insurance company to make money. Claiming from your car insurance company will no doubt get your vehicle repaired and back on the road but there will be penalties for doing so. Firstly, you will usually have an excess that you will have to pay before you can get your car repaired, this can be anything from £50 to £500 depending on your policy. After making a claim your premium will no doubt increase at renewal time, you may well have a protected no claims bonus but your insurance company WILL increase your premium. This is because even though you have protected no claims discount your driving record is now not as flawless because you have a claim against your insurance company.
Car insurance is mandatory not a choice, therefore you want to keep your premium as low as possible each and every year and the best way to do that is by not claiming.
After an accident using the services of a mobile car body repair specialist may seem like an un-necessary expense when you have taken out car insurance but it will usually save you much more money in the long run.
You may initially pay out more than your insurance excess but what you save short term you will pay for long term and usually much more too.
Unless your car has serious major damage, a mobile car body repair specialist can restore your car to its former state all from outside your own home and place of work. Saving you time taking it to a repair shop and also saving you lots of money.
You don’t have a choice when it comes to motor insurance but you can choose not to give them more money than you need to and instead choose the services of a mobile car cosmetics specialist.

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