How To Fit Wiper Blades

Having your wiper blades in good working condition is a good idea for multiple reasons. When the rainy season comes and your windscreen wipers do little more than smear water across your windshield, it can be a safety hazard while driving. New wiper blades also help to keep your auto glass clean and free of streaks and smudges which can attribute to poor visibility for the driver. We’ll go over how to fit wiper blades to your car so you don’t have to rely on a garage to do it for you.

How to Fit Wiper Blades

You’ll of course want to visit your local auto shop to purchase a new set of wiper blades for your car. A lot of them are generic and will fit a wide range of vehicles, but most shops will have a catalogue or reference sheet for you to look up what brand/model of wipers are made for your vehicle. Take note that in many cars, the drivers and passenger’s side wiper blades are different sizes, so you may need to be purchasing two different blades. This information is easy to find, but important to take note of so you’re not wasting time or money.

Now, How to Fit Wiper Blades

How to Fit Wiper Blades

Once you have the new wipers, you’ll need to remove your old ones first. You can compare the new wiper to the ones on your vehicle to make sure they are the same sizes and to see exactly what piece you’ll be removing from your car. You’re really only changing out the rubber piece and the piece that holds that rubber piece on. Raise your old wiper up until it extends out on it’s own. They are spring loaded, so make sure it’s not providing resistance to snap back on to your windscreen when you let the wiper go to change it, to avoid damaging the wiper arm or your windscreen. Locate the hinge where the wiper arm meets the wiper blade. Again, you can compare your new uninstalled wiper to the attached one to see where it will be removed from. It’s typically a hook or a tab that you can press on in order to disengage the locking mechanism and easily slide the old windshield wiper off the arm. Once you locate that, simply slide the old blade off. Replace each of your wiper blades one at a time to avoid the arm snapping back and hitting your windscreen. Replacing the new wiper is as easy as sliding the hook or tab back in to place. You should feel a snap or a click as the mechanism is locked in place and shouldn’t be able to slide the blade back off. Once secure, lay the wiper blade back against the windshield.

Repeat the process above on how to fit wiper blades

How to Fit Wiper Blades

Repeat the entire process for the other wiper blade; the entire process is exactly the same for both sides of the vehicle. The only difference may be the size of blade on the passenger side vs the driver’s side. You shouldn’t encounter any difficulties during the removal or replacement of either wiper. The trickiest part is finding the way to disengage your old wipers as some makes or models vary, however, you should be able to figure it out without much difficulty. You don’t need to apply any force and especially don’t need to tug or pull on the wiper blades to remove them. Once the locking mechanism is disengaged, it will come off very easily unless your vehicle is very old and the lock has rusted or become hard, but with a small amount of force on the locking tab it will come loose.

Knowing when you should change your wiper blade is simple and should be taken into account a few times a year. All you have to do is take a quick look at the wiper. You can pop it up off your windshield and give it a quick look over to find any cracks in the rubber. You can also gently run your finger over it to test for a rubbery, springy feel. If it’s hard and brittle, it’s time to replace the wiper.

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