When my MOT is due?

Have you ever needed to figure out when your next MOT is due? (vehicle safety inspection). Maybe you lost your current MOT pass certificate that has the date you got the last inspection completed and now you can’t remember when you got it done. Or maybe you just bought a vehicle and you don’t know when it’s inspection is due.

when MOT is due

It doesn’t really matter why you don’t know the date because you just need to know the date. Driving a vehicle with an expired MOT, or even having a vehicle with an expired MOT parked on the street can cost you up to £1,000.

But don’t worry, finding out when your vehicle needs its next MOT is easy. The simplest way to check is to click HERE and enter your vehicle’s registration number. Not only will it tell you when your vehicles next MOT is due, but it’ll let you sign up for free email or text message alerts for 30 days before your next MOT is due. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting again!  

How often do I need an MOT?

Most vehicles need an MOT every year. The biggest exception to this is that brand new vehicles don’t need an MOT until its third anniversary. After that, it will need an MOT every year just like every other vehicle.

And there’s no reason to wait until the last minute to complete your MOT. You can complete your new MOT up to a month (minus a day) and keep the same renewal date. That means you won’t lose any time off your renewal if you get it done early! So, avoid the stress of a last-minute renewal and complete your MOT as early as possible.

Furthermore, if you’re not going to be able to complete your MOT within a month (minus a day) of your renewal date you can always get it renewed earlier. The only difference is that you won’t be able to keep your same renewal date. Your new inspection date will be a year from the inspection.    

What else can uk.gov be used for other than when MOT is due?

The above link isn’t just for finding out when your MOT is due. While it’s an essential and important tool to keep your vehicle inspections up to date, there’s so much more that the uk.gov site can help you with.

For starters, the uk.gov site can be used to check if your vehicle or another vehicle has insurance. So, if you were just hit by another car and feel like you are getting the run around by the owner because they are uninsured, find out for sure. Simply put their registration number into this LINK, and it’ll let you know.

tax disc changes 2014

You can also use the site to check if the taxes are up to date on any vehicle. And if you find out they haven’t been you can report them on the uk.gov site as well. And if you think you’re eligible for a tax exemption (for instance if you’re disabled) the site will let you know the requirements for that as well.

Also, if you feel like your inspection center is ripping you off on your MOT inspection by charging you too much, the uk.gov site has the maximum price they can charge listed HERE. And the price doesn’t include VAT, so the amount you see on the site is the most you should ever be billed for an MOT.

Finally, if the manufacturer has issued a recall on your vehicle when you put in the registration number it’ll show up as well. So, what are you waiting for? Click HERE, put in your registration and see what all the site can do for you!

Use the uk.gov site BEFORE you buy a vehicle!

If you’re buying a vehicle you definitely should run the registration through this LINK. Why? Because it’s going to give you a full history of the vehicles MOT. It’s a free background check on the vehicle. It’ll tell you the date of every MOT inspection. Moreover, it’ll tell you the result of every MOT. Even better, if the vehicle failed it’ll tell you why and when it got re-inspected.

When is my MOT is due

Additionally, it’ll tell you who completed each inspection. It’s a free background check for the vehicle you are looking to buy. Find out the history BEFORE you make the purchase.

Also, the uk.gov site will let you know how much you need to pay in taxes and how to pay them. Even if you are getting the vehicle for free you still need to pay the taxes!

And if you think the vehicle you are about to purchase might be eligible for an MOT exemption, the uk.gov site has you covered as well. Some historic, or classic, vehicles are eligible for an exemption. But the only way to be sure is to check the uk.gov site!   

What if I already missed my MOT?

If your current MOT is already expired whatever you do don’t drive your vehicle! There’re only two exceptions to this:

  • Driving your vehicle to a repair center
  • Driving your vehicle to a pre-arranged MOT test

Be sure when you are scheduling your MOT to only take it to an approved MOT test centre. Certified test centres have a blue sign with three white triangles.

If you aren’t going to be getting your vehicle inspected right away and your MOT is expired, make sure it’s not parked on the street as well. If you park your vehicle on the street you might receive a fine for up to £1,000, even if you’re not driving it.

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We hope this information was helpful with finding out when your next MOT is due, if you have any idea of what we should write about next? Have questions that we didn’t answer? We would love to hear from you! Simply Comment below, fill out the information and let us know what we should cover! Be sure to let us know where you’re from and how we can help!

How to find out when your MOT is due?

Checking your car’s MOT is very easy and simple. You just need your car’s vehicle registration number and the test certificate of your car. Once you have both of them, you can contact us and we’ll tell you about your car’s MOT right away via an email or whatever the method you like.

Can I check when my MOT is due?

Yes, of course you can check your car’s MOT if it is due or not. The only thing you will need if you contact us to check this is your car’s vehicle registration number. We’ll get your car number and find out if the MOT of your car is due or not. And if it is due, we’ll let you know instantly so that you do not miss any payments or have to pay the fine.


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