Ways to Keep Your Car In Top Condition

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In this series, we’ll be going over 101 ways to keep your car in top condition, covering how to properly maintain & repair your car, and cosmetic advice to keep your vehicle running and looking great. Regular maintenance and servicing your car at normal intervals can cost you significantly less in the long run when it comes to having to replace expensive parts. Keeping your oil changed and your fluids topped off will also ensure that your engine is running clean and smooth. Minor inconveniences like checking your tire pressure and adding a bit of air the next time you fill up with fuel can prevent major disasters and even save you a good bit of money along the way. Our comprehensive reference will be your guide to making sure you’re saving money and time while keeping your ride in tip top shape.

The Most Important Parts Of Your Vehicle

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Mechanical components are the most important part of making sure your vehicle is running safely and smoothly. These include making sure you have an active, clean fuel filter and fuel injector all the way to ensuring your brakes are responsive and have plenty of pads left in case you need to slam on the brakes during an emergency. We’ll also go over things you may not think about during your daily drives in our 101 ways to keep your car in top condition, like why it’s important to check the power-steering fluid (via a simply dipstick check under the hood) down to what your automatic transmission fluid and filter are doing for your car, and more importantly, how regular maintenance will prevent having any serious consequences or inconvenient breakdowns. We’ll go over checking your spark plugs, timing belts, coolant, tires and more. Any single piece of the crucial components in your vehicle breaking down over time via simple wear and tear can usually be prevented. Having a comprehensive, simple to follow, guide to your vehicle will make prevention easy.

Prioritizing Maintenance On a Budget

We understand that if you’re on a tight budget, some aspects of your car are more easily overlooked than others. If you absolutely have to have a vehicle for transportation but your car could use some fixing up, we can help you budget your money where it will be best spent. These things of course include the most important parts included above, but will also go over some cost effective tips to making the exterior of your vehicle look better and stretch out your budget to cleaning up your car. Simple follow some of our 101 ways to keep your car in top condition for example like how to clean tree sap off your hood to the importance of keeping your windshield wipers replaced for safety reasons will be explained. We’ll also explain how to save money by taking a do it yourself approach to many simple repairs and cosmetic repairs as well as telling you which components to leave to an experienced mechanic (such as fuel pump replacement) in order to help you make the most informed decisions for safety and efficiency.

101 ways to keep your car in top condition

You’d be surprised at how simple some very basic car knowledge and a couple of common tools will save you in the long run. In many cases, a wrench, screwdriver, and flashlight may be enough to diagnose an issue and get you on your way to your first DIY repair. Check back here often as we’ll be updating our guide frequently to include some of our favorite ways to keep your car in top condition. You can expect to see guides like above as well as mechanical guides such as how to check your engine oil, when to replace your brakes, tyre tread levels and more. We hope you find this series informative and that it helps keep your car in top-notch shape. As always, maintenance is worth the trouble considering how much damage some simple tips and tricks could help to avoid.

1. Removing bird droppings from your car

In this article, we’ll go over the most effective ways to removing bird droppings from car. It’s pretty much unavoidable that at some point you’ll wind up with bird droppings on your car.

2. How to Change a Wheel if you have a Puncture

In this easy to follow guide on how to change a wheel, we will go over all of the steps to getting your wheel replaced in a safe and timely manner so you can continue on with your trip.

3. How to Fit Wiper Blades

New wiper blades help to keep your auto glass clean and free of streaks and smudges which can attribute to poor visibility for the driver. We’ll go over how to fit wiper blades to your car so you don’t have to rely on a garage to do it for you.

4. Car Checks before a Long Journey

Taking a long journey in your vehicle whether it’s for a business meeting or a fun road trip with friends should be an enjoyable and safe experience that requires your car to be up on it’s car maintenance and a few other key factors.

5. How to Change Power Steering Fluid

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to change your power steering fluid every 2 years (or approximately 24,000 miles). There are no test strips to let you know when your fluid starts to go bad, so it’s important to keep on top of it on your own.

6. How to Open a Car Bonnet

In this article, we’ll be going over how to open a car bonnet on any vehicle. It’s a relatively straight forward process, but is important to know as every vehicle can be slightly different in terms of location of the lever or button.

7. How to Change a Car Light Bulb 

In this part of the series, we’ll be going over how to change a car light bulb (also known as a headlight or head lamp). Not only is it important to have your lights in proper working order for safety’s sake, but it’s also illegal to drive without them working.

8. How to Change a Car Battery

In this guide we’ll go over a safe and easy method of how to change a car battery. The process is virtually identical for all makes and models of vehicles unless you have a specialty hybrid or electric vehicle, at which point you would need to refer to your dealership.

9. How to Calculate your Fuel Consumption

Calculating your fuel consumption is an easy and free way to help save money at the pump as well as giving help towards providing some insight as to your vehicle’s overall health.

10. How to Polish a Car

In this guide, we’ll tell you just how to polish a car as well as go over the top 5 car polish brands you’ll find in any shop.

11. How to Change an Air Filter

By the end of this article you’ll be confident in how to change an air filter so you can do it yourself with a minimal out of pocket expense. It’s such a simple procedure that it would be silly to take your vehicle to a garage to get your air filter changed.

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