Plastic Bumper Repair to 4 Different Damages:

Do you know that the car bumpers receive the most scratches and dents out of all the vehicle panels? Whether rear or front, the humble bumpers remain in the firing lines!

That’s why most car manufacturers in London design extra spare parts here than any other panels knowing the demand for plastic bumper repair. These are more cost-effective to reproduce and repair too than metal parts.

Now, you have no idea, but different ways are there to fix the bumper damages, depending on the type. And our technicians follow two main ways to do so!

Plastic bumper repair in different ways

Well, the first question that may trigger your mind is, “Are mobile bumper scuff repairs WORTH spending?” Well, you can get the answer in our previous blog. Our mobile bumper scuff repairs experts ensure that your vehicle will look like a new one on the first day of its purchase!

And for that, they follow two simple ways! These two methods can work for any car bumper damage:

  1. Bumper scratches and scuffs
  2. Bumper dents
  3. Bumper cracks
  4. Bumper chips 

Local plastic bumper repair

This process of bumper repair involves the techniques of fixing damage and blending in the paint. Our experts don’t spray the entire panel but only the scratched or dented area! You can ensure our work quality by checking the “Before and After” page on our Instagram profile after it’s done. You may never find what the scuffs were before.

Our highly skilled technicians recreate the bumper shape, replace the part, and blend it in with the paint. The general bumper repair costs around £400 to £1000 in Leeds. On the other hand, the time may take at least a couple of hours, depending on the vehicle bumper type and damage.

Replacement Part

When the plastic bumper damage goes beyond repair and costs relatively higher, it’s wise to replace it!

In this process, there’s no involvement of previous techniques, whether you need a textured bumper repair or a plain one. Our experts spray the bumper if required, and sometimes, there’s no need because the part is available in different colours for some vehicles.

Replacing the part costs the same as the mobile bumper scuff repairs. Well, at Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd., our charges can differ because of damage severity. 

So, get a FREE Quote now to ideate the overall estimation!


Can a plastic bumper be repaired?

Yes, plastic bumpers can be repaired as part of a plastic bumper repair job.

It may be possible to repair plastic bumpers on cars, depending on the severity of the damage. If a plastic bumper is scratched or slightly dented, it can be buffed or sanded smoothly to restore its original surface. When buffing and sanding a plastic bumper, it is important to use a nonabrasive wax and buffer specifically designed for plastic so as not to damage the surface further.

However, replacing the bumper entirely may be the best option for more serious plastic bumper damage. Damaged plastic bumpers that are cracked or more deeply dented can often only be saved by completely replacing the damaged parts, ensuring that your car looks as good as new.

How do you repair a scratch on a plastic car bumper?

If you’re dealing with a minor scratch on your bumper, You’ll be pleased to know that repairing it doesn’t require intensive effort.

Start by sanding down the affected area using 3000-grit sandpaper and wiping away any particles from its surface with a microfiber cloth. Then take another cloth and apply some polishing compound onto the spot before finally buffing out the damage through the careful use of an electric polisher.


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