Mobile Bumper Scuff Repairs:

No doubt, mobile service means our team will be at your place on your schedule for any auto body repair! And the same you can consider when you have received a scuff on the plastic bumper and don’t have much time to take it to us. Don’t worry! Our experts in mobile bumper scuff repairs are no less experienced and skilled than those who serve in the shop!

Meanwhile, if you have a plan for DIY to fix the bumper scratches, drop it! Instead, let our technicians handle it! And in our today’s blog, you will get clear reasons for it!

Mobile Bumper Scuff Repairs or DIY:

While finding it inconvenient to visit our auto body repair shop, calling the mobile experts is smarter than DIY! Our technicians follow some easy bumper scuff repair steps to remove the scratches and make it look as great as a brand new one. 

In fact, your amateur attempts may turn things worse! Here’s HOW:

Bumper cleaning

It’s the first step of fixing the bumper scuffs that you and our experts both know. But the difference lies in the techniques! Most car owners make mistakes using rough cloth and cleaning agents for this that results in further damage.

Our experts do the same thing but with soft microfiber cloth and soap water that are not harsh to your bumper paint and surface.

Applying the primer and paint

Primer and paint application takes several hours to get done that may be quite challenging for you! And of course, our experts can do that better than you! If you want to have some samples of our work, look over our website and follow us on Facebook!

Filling and sanding on the scuff!

Maybe you have no idea, but the DIY can cost you more than our charges for bumper scuff repair! You must have the coarse sanding paper sheets and the scratch-filling putty to remove the scratch that comes quite expensive. Breaking your piggy bank these supplies for one or two-time use doesn’t make sense!

Apart from this, you have to rub the scuff area with pressure after wrapping the sanding sheets around the scuff pad. But without understanding how much pressure you need to put, the car surface may get damaged! Again, we, Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd., suggest relying on our mobile bumper scuff repair team than handling such auto body issues on your own. If you need any, keep in touch!


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