Do I Need Alloy Wheel Repairs?

Well, this one may be the most question we get from our customers when they bring their cars for auto body repair! And when you have the same question on alloy wheel repairs, go through our today’s blog! We hope our answers may meet your queries regarding this. Let’s get started!

When to get alloy wheel repairs

Gone are the days of normal regular wheels that got easily rusted! Most cars come with powder-coated alloy wheels, while a few automobile manufacturers like Ford, Honda, Nissan, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes use diamond-cut alloy wheels in their top range models.

Now, whether you run a car with powder-coated or diamond-cut wheels, those can run up to a certain time! And the following damage signs indicate that you should think of repairing those now. Such as:

Alloy corrosion

No doubt, any alloy wheels can last up to long years if maintained in order! But once the top layer cost of alloy wheels starts peeling off due to wear and tear, those get corroding. If you notice the alloy corrosion in the earlier stage, alloy wheel refurbishment may work here. Or else you need to consider alloy wheel repairs, especially when you find the former option costing more!

Alloy wheel dents and scratches

It’s hardly possible to keep your wheels scuff-free! Not just the dust and debris, the small stones can cause fine scratches on the alloy wheels. In fact, you hit the potholes at a speed that results in wheel dents. 

Of course, the refurbishment won’t work here. Let our technicians handle it! We ensure to turn your car wheels just like a new one! If you doubt it, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube and look over the pictures and videos of our work! 

Pothole wheel damage

Even when your car is at slow speed, hitting a deep pothole can damage the tire and the wheels too! Yes, you may not find the wheel always damaged at once. Still, at Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd., we suggest bringing your vehicle to our auto body repair shop after such minor accidents.

Curbed wheels

It’s the most common way when you end up damaging your alloy wheels and leave with no option but to repair those. It happens while parking the vehicle and scrape the curb edge that causing deep scratches.

Do you have further queries? Feel free to ask us! Also, you can request a quote for alloy wheel repairs while getting services!


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