Alloy Wheel Repair Vs. Refurbishment:

Your car shines as you have just bought it an hour before. But while looking at your alloy wheels, it seems a vehicle of ten years old! Isn’t it?

But once you know when you need an alloy wheel repair or refurbishment, the situation won’t come!

Admit it or not- proper maintenance is essential to extend the life of alloy wheels. Still, car owners often skip that! So, before you come to us with your car to fix the alloy wheels, learn which service you need- Repair or Refurbishment!

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Alloy Wheel Repair or Refurbishment: Which is right?

There’s nothing about being a right or wrong choice! It completely depends on your wheel condition. In our previous blog, we shared some ideas, like 6 Ways Your Car Alloy Wheel Can Get Damaged that Need Repair. On the contrary, some situations exist when refurbishment is better to keep your wheels in pristine condition.

Contrarily, wheel repair costs less than refurbishment. Let’s find WHICH option is perfect for WHEN!

Situations when alloy wheel repair is enough!

An alloy wheel repair comes with the exact shine and perfection of the new one! Sometimes, you can find it with additional features that were absent. Our experts suggest this option when your car’s alloy wheels are full of scratches and scuffs.

Also, when you find the alloy wheels fading colours, small cracks, and scrapes, the repair is a great option. And the best part is that wheel repair doesn’t cost at all! In Leeds, we charge £200 for a set of four. It means that you need to pay £50 for each wheel.

Now, the charges can vary, depending on how much damage your wheels are! From a terrible state, your wheels will come back to life. You can follow our YouTube channel and observe how our experts do their MAGIC!

Alloy wheel conditions when it needs refurbishment!

As we mentioned before, alloy wheel refurbishment is more expensive than repairs. At Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd., our charges start from £70, which can go upwards if your wheel is in too worst condition!

Well, who else wants to hit their wallet so badly to spend £280 and more for alloy wheels? But when the scratches, scuffs, or cracks go beyond repair, you have no option except refurbishment.

Sometimes, so many problems are there that alloy wheel repair can’t fix! Therefore, its costs get higher than refurbishment at a point! If your wheel is in the same condition, we suggest refurbishment over repair!

But it’s merely possible for a regular car owner to distinguish between the situations- When the alloy wheel needs repair and when refurbishment. In this case, ask our professionals for quotes! And if you find that repair charges more than refurbishment, go for the second option! Now, if you want to check some samples of our alloy wheel repair works, follow us on Facebook! Here, you can get the client’s feedback as well! For more blogs, keep on reading!


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