Why Should I Wear a Seat Belt?

Why Should I Wear a Seat Belt?

Having a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility and this means you will need to make sure you wear your seat belt. You may ask your self; why should I wear a seat belt? There are simple answers to this question.

wear a seat beltWearing a seat belt properly can save your life. When you are in a car crash your body can be thrown forward and out of the car if you are not strongly restrained inside the car. Most of the time when you are in a car crash you will be pushed around, or even moved from one place to another. To prevent this movement you will want to be wearing a seat belt.

Wearing seat belts are not just for adults or teenagers, but they are also for children especially very young children. When it comes to wearing a seat belt children need to be in one at all times. Not only is it illegal for a child to be with out a seat belt but it can be very dangerous. A child is very small and they could be thrown around the vehicle in the smallest of crashes and with their bones being so brittle, they would very easily get seriously hurt or even killed.wear a seat belt 1

The leading cause of death for people under the age of thirty five is car accidents and they mostly die because they are not wearing their seat belts. If you do not want to be part of this statistic you will want to wear your seat belt. When you are in a car accident, the car will stop almost instantly however; your body will still be moving until you hit something. If you want to stay in the vehicle and not be thrown from it, then wear a seat belt. Wearing your seat belt will cause your body to stop sooner and not hit the dashboard or windshield as hard as it would if you are not wearing one.

You never want to get the mindset that you are a good driver and will never get in an accident, or think that you’re only going a few blocks, so what’s the point? When you start thinking like this it’s usually when something will happen. NO matter where you are going or how far you are going, always wear your seat belt and put your child in a safety seat or a seat belt. The answer to your question; “Why should I wear a seat belt?” is simply answered by, “Because you want to live”.

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