TOP 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

These are the top 10 most expensive cars in existence. These are pure examples of engineering without limits, speed, and power. Authentic symbols of exclusivity and uniqueness. Warning! We are not responsible if, in this video, your adrenaline levels will rise as high as the price of these super machines.

What you’re going to see today are cars that push engineering and your pocket to the limit!

Let’s get started!


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01:40 Lamborghini Veneno

02:56 Bugatti Bolide

03:59 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

05:08 Pagani Huayra Imola

06:18 Bugatti Divo

07:21 Bugatti Centodieci

08:37 Bugatti La Voiture Noire

09:53 Rolls Royce Sweptail

11:10 Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta

12:23 Rolls Royce Boat Tail

13:37 Final

The selling price of any car is an indicator of the valuation the brand gives to the model. It is usually associated with some hypercar, super sports car, luxury car, or the result of customisation taken to the extreme. Today we will focus on the top 10 most expensive cars, examples of premium brands that stand out for their limited production, performance, and, of course, sale price.

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Lamborghini Veneno – Price: £3.2 million / $4.5 millions

To celebrate its 50th birthday, Lamborghini took the basis of the Aventador and created a work that deserves its exhibition in the British Museum.

The Veneno combines a racing prototype with a sports car tamed for the streets.
Soon after it was shown at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, 12 units were offered for sale, and three coupes and nine roadsters were purchased even before the owners saw the finished car.

To start with, it has aggressive lines and a huge diffuser that means speed and power, lots of power. Under the hood is a gorgeous 740-horsepower naturally aspirated V12 engine mated to a 7-speed sequential transmission. Its top speed? 221 mph (356 kph).

The chassis and body are supported by an adjustable pushrod suspension, typical of race cars. As a good supercar, carbon fibre is the order of the day, making up more than 60% of the vehicle, which makes it weigh just over 1,400 kilos.

Bugatti Bolide – Price: £3.3 million / $4.6 millions

Warning: this is not the only Bugatti on the list, but this one pushes the limits of the powerplant to new levels.

According to Bugatti, the Bolide is a model intended as a testbed for the 8-liter quad-turbo W16 engine. This thoroughbred develops an astonishing 1825 horsepower that will instantly facelift you from 0-60 mph in 2.2 seconds.

Originally intended as a one-off inspired by the Le Man’s prototypes, in 2021, it was decided to go into production as a 2024 model and limited to 40 units. Oh, and as usually happens with this car, all units are already sold.

From the aesthetics to the benchmarks it has established, the Bolide will be exclusively for track use. Just looking at it gives you chills to sit behind the steering wheel of one of these beauties.

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita – Price: £3.5 million / $4.8 millions

At first glance, it may look like a typical CCXR. The hood hides the 4.8-litre V8 engine, made in-house by Koenigsegg, which develops more than 1000 horsepower; sequential transmission, also made by Koenigsegg; 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of more than 254 mph (409 kph). But what’s so special about it compared to other CCXRs?

The essentials are obvious to the eye. The body is made entirely of carbon fibre, and to give it that white finish, the Swedish brand found a complicated diamond-based coating method to fix the diamond shine to the carbon fibre.

To match this beautiful finish, the interior is matched with bright colours. Because this process is very complicated, Koenigsegg only made three units, one of which was owned by boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, and another rests in the garage of Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr.

Pagani Huayra Imola – Price: £3.9 million / $5.4 millions

Although it has no motorsport presence, Pagani is determined to make a model dedicated to the track. We saw it with the Zonda, and we saw it again with the Huayra.

According to Pagani, this version, the Huayra Imola, is the ultimate racing car. The model was developed and tested on the grounds of the racetrack Enzo e Dino Ferrari, the legendary Imola circuit.

The wild beast rides the Mercedes-AMG V12 twin-turbo 6-litre engine, extracting 827 horsepower and 811 ft. lb. of torque that takes it up to 205 mph (330 kph). This model has little or nothing known, as Pagani keeps all the details behind its latest uncontrolled thoroughbred under wraps.

In addition to its race car design, the Imola used all carbon fibre and titanium in stock to offer lightness and performance. At the end of the day, Five units were offered for sale to give their happy owners a facelift.

Bugatti Divo – Price: £4.3 million / $5.9 millions

The next Bugatti on the list is the latest hypercar: the Divo. This model can be seen as a Bugatti Chiron that decided to join a gym to compete in triathlons and Strongman events.

It has the same Bugatti W16 engine, though tuned up to 1500 horsepower and 120 ft. lb. of torque; the reinforced suspensions and aerodynamics were worked to offer the best possible performance.

The Divo is focused on the track, so it received a 40 kg weight reduction to the Chiron. Its design is summarized in performance and downforce, although the most striking feature is its mind-blowing taillights, which are unique in today’s design.

They produced 40 units, and Bugatti carefully chose 40 satisfied customers to leave this jewel on wheels in reliable hands.

Bugatti Centodieci – Price: £6.5 million / $9 millions

The Centodieci, One Hundred and Ten in English, is a love letter to the Bugatti EB110 of the 1990s; this model was the one that revived the Bugatti brand after more than 60 years of absence from the automotive world.

Its name in Italian is an honor to Romano Artoli and Giampaolo Benedini, those responsible for the creation of the EB110 in 1991. This initiative was the impetus the defunct brand needed to return and be recognized for what it is today.

Returning to the Centodieci, its prominent front end is immediately reminiscent of the EB110. Bugatti defines this model as a tangible work of art. They spared no expense in bringing back that early 1990s design in the current 2021.

The typical Bugatti engine rests in the rear of the model and delivers an out-of-series 1600 horsepower and is capable of developing a top speed of 236 mph (379 kph). Only 10 units were produced, a gesture worthy of the Bugatti name.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire – Price: £9.1 million / $12.5 millions

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire returns to one of our tops after having been the most expensive car for a few months.

Its lengthy development process, two years to be more exact, is due to the uniqueness that its anonymous owner requested. And by uniqueness, we mean in the strictest sense of the word.

Its carbon-fibre bodywork is covered by a protective coating that protects the fibre and gives it an exquisite glossy black colour that is unique. The interior was made with the most exclusive materials combined with polished aluminium and carbon fibre accents.

The powerplant is the same as the Chiron, although this time coupled to an automatic transmission. This car is intended more for luxury than for breaking track records.

Although it is a one-off, if you have enough clout and charisma to convince the owner, you can surely get your hands on the La Voiture Noire.

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Rolls-Royce Sweptail – Price: £9.5 million / $13 millions

When we talk about Rolls-Royce, we refer to the brand that best treats its customers and the one that best meets their most eccentric demands without getting cheesy.

However, with Sweptail, the British brand has raised the bar even higher regarding demand, exclusivity, and class.

After launching its Coachbuild division, Rolls-Royce assured that the most exclusive, unique, unrepeatable, and unattainable models would be shown to the public through this division.

The Sweptail resulted from following the steps that Coachbuild devised to create renaissance pieces on wheels. Its exterior design follows a continuous line ending in a point, evoking the design of an authentic yacht on wheels.

This one-off model has the typical exquisite materials we are accustomed to from the brand, such as moccasin leather seats and ebony and paldao wood.

To complement, the glass roof offers natural lighting at all times and brings a unique ride experience inside. Completely handcrafted over four years, this yacht on wheels is destined to be a future museum piece.

Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta – Price: £12.7 million / $17.5 millions

Launched in 2017, the final Zonda was limited to three units and was the re-invention of Pagani’s classic model.

Ordered into production by Horacio Pagani, the Zonda HP Barchetta turns the Zonda into a high-performance roadster clad in a beautiful metallic blue colour contrasted with a white leather-trimmed interior.

The chassis was reinforced, and the bodywork was made with Pagani’s house treasure: cape-titanium and carbo-Triax HP52 to give extra rigidity and greater lightness. In addition, the windshield was lowered to give a better driving experience. In terms of performance, it’s only known that it is powered by the typical Mercedes-AMG V12 engine; the brand reserves the car’s stats.

Aluminium APP wheels fit the Pirelli P Zero Corsa racing wheels of the three units produced, one reserved for Horacio Pagani and the other sold to two select customers.

Rolls -Royce Boat Tail – Price: £20.4 million / $28 millions

And now, the most expensive car of 2021.

The new conception of Rolls-Royce’s Coachbuild division became the most expensive car of today.

Taking inspiration from the construction of ships and yachts, the Coachbuild division took the base of the Phantom. It made an exhaustive bodywork, 100% handmade, ensuring the lines were as continuous as possible.

Blue is the predominant colour, using two tones in the bodywork and the interior in select blue leather. Handmade instruments were also made using craftsmanship techniques found in watchmakers of the highest level.

The curious thing about the Boat Tail is its trunk, which houses a cooler for storing champagne and glasses to accompany a luxury picnic on the Mediterranean coast. The set is completed with a silver cutlery set, porcelain plates, and space to store a parasol and cloth seats.

After four years of work, the Boat Tail returns to the old art of the coachbuilders of the 1920s and 1930s


Certainly, exclusivity and performance come at a high cost, but what is the price of the experience of sitting behind the steering wheel of one of these cars?

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