Toyota GT86 CS-R3 Rally Car In-Depth Review


Although many of the cars of this type have been quite a let down, the Toyota GT86 CS-R3 rally car really does hit the mark perfectly in a variety of different ways. The car is not only light weight, making it perfect for going around turns, but is also incredibly affordable compared to many of the other different models. In fact, this compact car has made it onto the top 5 sport coupes list in a variety of different places for 2014. The Toyota GT86 CS-R3 is a compact sports car, with a front engine, rear drive system. The 2.0 liter flat-four engine system puts out an incredible 197 bhp, making the six speed manual system quite a challenge to drive. This is perfect for any car enthusiast out there who enjoys driving manual and hearing the engine roar, but there is also a six-speed automatic system that can be purchased along with the vehicle.

Toyota GT86 CS-R3

Unlike many of the other rally cars that have recently been released, the rear-wheel drive system without any type of turbo charging or special tyres do lead to a much lower cost for the vehicle. It does leave quite a bit of room for accessories if an individual would wish to place them inside the car, but still drives beautifully without anything added onto the stock model. Of course, there are a variety of different options that can be added onto the vehicle with the purchase of the Toyota GT86 CS-R3 which will make the vehicle a tad bit heavier, less faster, but these are not necessary to enjoy the vehicle to its full extent. The light body of the vehicle makes it perfect for racing, or simply going Sunday driving, and the compact body allows the vehicle to maneuver easily through a variety of different locations. This is not the car to purchase if you’re looking to go off road, but if you’re looking to have fun driving a car that handles beautifully and has a body to match the incredible engine, this is the perfect rally car to invest in.

Everyone deserves to be able to afford a car that they will really enjoy, and this incredible Toyota GT86 CS-R3 is quite affordable compared to many of the other rally cars that have come out this year. If you are looking for a car that handles beautifully and sounds great, this is the perfect car to have some fun with.


Toyota GT86 CS-R3 Rally Car 5 Point Review



Carrying the same aggressive styling as the stock version, the Toyota GT86 rally car has not suffered major external changes. The exterior body panels and the front and rear bumpers have the same design as the production model. On the hood, two pins serve as a reminder that this is not a regular model and there is only one exhaust pipe instead of two. Cameras replace the rear view mirrors, while on the top, a roof scoop is mounted. White rally wheels complete the looks of the car. On the inside, the interior is stripped out, with nothing than the driver and passenger seats left. A roll cage is present, while behind the multifunctional steering wheel sit only basic gauges, with no other gimmicks.


The car’s engine is based on the 4 cylinder version of the stock model, but with a better optimized ECU, now pumping out between 240 and 250 horsepower (the stock model has a power output of 200bhp). There is a new manifold and a new exhaust, as well as a brand new sequential shift six speed gearbox and a limited slip differential. Various performance parts, including enhanced brakes and a racing clutch contribute to the rally car allure of the Toyota GT86 CS R3. Expect an aggressive machine, with very good handling and swift acceleration response to dominate the rally championship.


Since we have yet to see the example race, there is no way of telling if the car is reliable or not. However, considering that it is based on the highly successful Toyota GT86 model, the rally car is, after all, a Toyota, and that is reason enough to tell that it will be able to take quite a bit of abuse before breaking down.

Running costs

When speaking of a rally car, the running costs will almost always fall on the second place. While difficult, an individual may take it in a rally, but usually there are sponsors who take care of the promotion and the costs of replacing parts. As opposed to a stock vehicle, the optimized components of a rally car rank much higher on the cost scale that they do with a road car. The high speeds and tight corners also mean that some mishaps might happen, from the occasional flat tire to a completely damaged car.


Since we are discussing about a race car, there is no practicality – in the usual meaning of the word – associated to it. Gone are the boot space and comfort element. Instead, a roll cage will greet you, together with a pair of racing seats and a bare-bones interior. Rear view cameras take the role of mirrors, while the gauges now only display the most basic of functions, so don’t expect luxury element such as a sat-nav!


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