Mercedes-Benz’s new electric vehicles

Due to the imminent arrival of new rules on zero-emission new car sales, car manufacturers have started to take action.

One of them, Mercedes-Benz, has been taking a 5-year progressive approach to its new EV range, and the results look amazing.

But how did they do it? Do you know how this evolution towards electrification started? In today’s video, you’ll find out all about it.

Shall we get started?


What can we say about Mercedes-Benz? German engineering, precision, class, safety, elegance, and speed are some of the characteristics that the brand has developed during its 95 years of existence.

Experience has given them a thing or two about new technologies in the motoring world. In addition to ABS brakes, traction control, and airbags, the brand with the star has pioneered technologies that we take for granted today, but which were unthinkable at the time.

But there’s a curious fact about Mercedes-Benz that is the reason they’re making inroads into the new EV trends. Interested to know? We’ll reveal the secret at the end of the video, but first I invite you to subscribe and click the like button.

Let’s get started!

Mercedes EV’s Chapters:

 00:00 Introduction

01:39 The Start: Mercedes Concept EQ

02:25 From Concept to Supply

03:18 The EQ Models

 04:02 Mercedes EQC

 04:38 Mercedes EQA and EQB

 05:10 Mercedes EQS

05:40 Mercedes EQV

06:05 Final Words

The Start: Mercedes Concept EQ

The transition begins at the 2016 Paris Motor Show with the presentation of the Mercedes Concept EQ.

The concept car was shown as Mercedes’ initial move into the EV world. The Concept EQ has a skateboard-like platform with batteries in the centre of the chassis and two electric motors positioned over the axles, together with developing 400 horsepower.

For intelligent energy use, Mercedes introduces a patented intelligent operating system that extends the EQ’s range to 310 miles. In simple terms, from London to Leeds with one charge, and enough energy in reserve. Not bad, huh?

From concept to supply

The next step was to take the Concept EQ and create a range of all-electric and hybrid models during the transition to EVs.

But is this feasible? Well, for Mercedes-Benz engineers, anything is possible, and the EQ range is not just about offering cars. Included in the package are three offerings for the best consumer experience.

Starting with Wallbox, the fast charging station for home use as an extra with the purchase of an EQ model. Then there is “Charge & Pay”, which is Mercedes’ free app that allows the consumer to make use of public charging points.

And following a concept similar to Tesla’s, Mercedes offers fixed storage batteries for general use, which can be used to store electricity from generators or photovoltaic cells. Not everything is left to the EV market.

Trivia about EQ models

Before we go any further, let’s test your knowledge with a simple question: how many EQ models does Mercedes currently offer? You have 3 seconds to answer and get started… NOW!

If you answered 5, congratulations! That’s right, Mercedes offers three SUVs, an MPV, and a sedan as part of the new EQ range.

With just over 3 years on the market, the EQ range is slowly making its way in the face of the abundant offerings of other EVs in its class. But to get to know them better, I invite you to like this video and hit the subscribe button!

The Mercedes EQ models

Mercedes EQC

Let’s start with the EQC, Mercedes’ first 100% electric car… apart from a handful of electric Smarts Forfour that didn’t get much recognition.

This crossover SUV retails in UK listings from £65,720. It comes with space for five passengers and is equipped with a four-wheel drive and torque converter, which translates into a comfortable and safe ride. The problem? Its battery is only 8 kWh, which leaves it small next to the competition.

Mercedes EQA and EQB

The EQA is the next electric SUV. Its price starts at £44,500 in the luxury SUV entry market. It offers a range of 264 miles and practicality for use as a daily driver.

The EQB, big sister to the EQA, will go on sale in the British Isles in early 2022. This SUV has 260 miles of range and is expected on sale at £47,000.

Mercedes EQS

Mercedes could not leave out the sedans, and in the EQ segment includes the EQS, offered from 99,995 pounds. It has 453 miles of autonomy, the interior is inspired by the Concept EQ, and has a splurge of luxury in every corner. The electric sedan is shaping up as competition to the Tesla Model S. A worthy continuation of the Mercedes sedan dynasty we all know.

Mercedes EQV

And finally, the EQV is the first electric MPV from the star brand. It is offered to the public for 70,665 £, and is destined for the fleet and private transport market.

By the way, did you know that this model has regenerative braking? With each brake application, some of the energy dissipated in heat is recovered, just like in Formula 1 cars.


There you have it! This has not been a spontaneous journey, but a 5-year process that Mercedes takes very lightly seeing how their direct competitors offer models with higher battery capacity and better road feel.

Will this be the intelligent operating system they’ve been talking about since the EQ Concept? Can they squeeze every last drop of electricity out of a low battery? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments.

Oh, did you think we forgot the curious fact about the brand? Well, the first internal combustion production car was from this brand, just as the first diesel passenger car was a Mercedes.

And this habit of incorporating innovative elements into their production models is what drives them to evolve into fully electric models. Don’t you think?

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