Mobile Car Body Repairs are Changing The Auto Body Industry

It used to be, when you needed  auto body repair work done, then you took the car to the body shop, got a quote, and left it for them to make the necessary repairs. Today, the auto body industry is changing. Its becoming common to see mobile car body repair units making their rounds and doing the body work at your place.

mobile car body repairs

So what kind of car body repair work can be done by a mobile unit? You’d be surprised at the breadth of work a mobile unit can perform, actually.

Here is a list of services that a qualified mobile car body repair shop can perform at your location:

Hail damage repair 
Car scratches Cosmetic repairs 
Automobile painting or repainting 
Door dingsPanel dents
 Paint scuffs 
Bumper repairs 
Damaged panel replacements and repairs 
Key scratches 
Minor body damage 
Minor collision repairs

And more…..

Almost anything a car body shop can do for your vehicle can be done by a mobile car body repair unit. Major body damage and collision repairs may need the special touch of a traditional body shop, but everything else can be done by a mobile unit. Isn’t that impressive?

Mobile car body repair units can work on any type of vehicle, as well: Vans, trucks, motorbikes, coupes, sports cars, and even recreational vehicles. If a traditional body shop can do it, so can the mobile body shop.

Welcome to the 21st century. You no longer have to drive your beat up vehicle to the body shop to get it fixed. The body shop can come to you.  Get a free quote on your needed automobile body repairs. A mobile car body repair unit can be at your location faster than you can say “Car Cosmetics, the car body specialists.”

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