Look After Your Vehicle:

With finances in short supply for many people, it pays to keep your car in good condition. That means ensuring that it is serviced on time and that any car body repairs that need doing are completed before the damage worsens.

With cars these days costing so much money, not to mention the running costs of insurance, road tax and fuel, it is a surprise that so many people do not give them the care and attention they deserve. It seems to be the way of the western world these days that no matter what we pay for something, it doesn’t matter if it breaks or falls apart, as you can replace it.

You have two options when it comes to service. You can either do it yourself or put it in a garage. The latter is the most expensive, but if your car is less than five years old, it should be done by a professional, and having that official stamp in the car logbook helps the vehicle maintain its value. 

Although you should continue with an official service for as long as possible, you can do it yourself if the money is short. It will still cost you money, though, as you need to purchase oil, filters, and anything else you discover may need replacing, such as brake pads.

Over time your vehicle will pick up scratches and cracks, which is perfectly normal as the car ages, and most of these can be left until you plan to sell the car. 

Many car owners do not realise that if you don’t keep a good level of wax on the vehicle, you may get colour fade, which can be an expensive job to correct.

If your car has damage such as a dent, rust or a hole, then this should be fixed quickly, and unless you are very good at fixing this kind of damage, you need to take it to a professional for car body repairs.

Some of the techniques used for car body repairs by a professional are:

Paint Synchronization

If any repair needs to be done that involves paint, then it must be an exact match, near enough will stand out like a sore thumb in certain light conditions

Body Straightening

There are various techniques for straightening out dents, and which one will be used depends on the type of damage. Some dents can be pushed or pulled out, while others may need a filler. In some cases, a dent can be repaired without the need to use paint


Depending on how deep a scratch goes into the paintwork will decide how it will be repaired. Light scratches can generally be rubbed out with the correct tool.

When it comes time to sell your car, if it is valued at £4,500 because of a large dent to the rear, you may find that if you paid £200 to have the dent repaired, the value is now £5,000. So it is always best to complete any repairs before selling your vehicle.

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