When Should I Change My Tyres

You have a car which has been with you for some time. But, you are wondering whether “ is it time to change my tyres and why? ” Well, most of us tend to neglect our tyres because the wear and tear on them is not visible to us. They are the most critical part of our car and require maintenance on a regular basis otherwise; it could lead to a lot of accidents. When you read this article, you will find out exactly when to change your tyres and why.
Even though most tyres are quite strong and continue to run for a longer period, they do start getting problems in traction and the ability to help the car stop.

change my tyres and why

Tips to decide when to change my tyres and why:

  1. First and foremost, your tyre should be able to divert the water from below it so that the traction can be improved and if your tyre stops doing so, there are chances of skidding.
  2. Some of the tyres have a tread pattern which will help you find out when the tyres get worn out. When the bars on the tyres get flushed, it is time to replace them.
  3. You can also use a measuring instrument to check the depth of tread.
  4. You are required by law to change the tyres when they get worn down to about 1.6mm of the balance depth of tread, but it is advised to change before this. The less tread there is the longer it will take to stop.
  5. Be on the lookout for wearing off of tread, which could happen due to misalignment of wheels or tyre rotations. If the wearing off of tread is not even, then your car could probably need servicing.
  6. One can also check if there are unusual bulges on the sidewall. This could indicate that there are cracks or damages on the tyre’s internal frame.
  7. Finally, get your tyres replaced every 6 years, even if your tyres have not been worn out. This will assure safety for your car.
change my tyres and why

Now that you have read all the tips regarding when to change my tyres and why, please make sure that you get the tyres replaced so that you don’t face any accidents or other mishaps. Which may then require a quotation from Car Cosmetics.

When should I change my tyres?

Changing your tyres totally depends on how often you use your car. For someone usually taking their car out every other day, the car tyre should be changed after every 2 years. If you see that the tread is still on the same on the tyre, then you can prolong the usage period. But someone who uses their car just once in a week or two, they should change their car tyre after every 5-6 years. It is important to know that after 5 years it doesn’t really matter if the tread is still not worn out. That’s because it is for yours and your car’s safety.

When car tyres need to be changed?

We have already told you about how often you should change your car’s tyres. But to be very precise, it is very important to have your tyres checked regularly. And there’s no fix schedule, you should just get your tyres checked every time you’re free or passing by a garage. This is to pre-assess your tyres’ capacity to run anymore. It also helps in knowing whether your tyres need to be changed anytime sooner or they’re still good to go.

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