4 Facts about Alloy Wheel Refurbishment that Experts Want you to Know!

4 Facts about Alloy Wheel Refurbishment that Experts Want you to Know!

Do you know that most new car models come with alloy wheels these days? On the other hand, some manufacturing companies like Ford, Honda, Nissan, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes use diamond cut alloy wheels too! Regardless of the type of wheels, alloy wheel repairs & refurbishment services are essential after a certain time. Especially when there is slight damage or scuffs on your wheels, refurbishing the wheels is a better solution than repair! Apart from this, a few more things about alloy wheel refurbishment are there that the experts want you to know!

Have some ideas about Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

The best part of alloy wheels is that it comes in a wide array of colours and style that fits your car paint and designs. But before you take your vehicle to the experts for alloy wheel refurbishment, we, Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd., suggest an understanding of the following facts. Such as:

Should I go for alloy wheel refurbishment or repair?

Well, it’s a common question that we often hear from our customers. If you can’t make your mind that alloy wheel repair or refurbishment: Which would work better for your car, leave it on us! We can suggest the best solution for the wheels depending on their current condition. Generally, refurbishment is sufficient for small scuffs, scratches, and damage where a repair can cost you higher!

How long does it take for alloy wheel refurbishment?

Whether you have hired our mobile team or brought your vehicle to the auto repair shop, our experts try to provide the faster solution as much they could! Still, the entire process takes at least four to five hours to complete! Yet, you shouldn’t expect to get your car back within an hour no matter how much in a rush you are!

Is it OK to refurbish the wheels more than once?

If you think that refurbishing alloy wheels twice a month could offer those a better shine, you are WRONG! Follow our YouTube videos and see how stunning it looks after one service! Anyway, we suggest getting the services whenever you face a minor hit and find a small scuff anywhere on the wheels!

How much does cost?

It can differ depending on the wheel conditions! But the average charge we take is around £70 per wheel in Leeds. For diamond-cut alloy wheels, it can go up! Was it helpful? To stay in touch, follow us on Instagram! Here, you can find the MAGIC our experts do every day with alloy wheels!

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