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Rust Repairs

How rust repairs are carried out and why you need a specialist.

One of the most harmful things your car will have to endure is rust. Since most of your car is metal, then this can be a real problem if not kept in check. So what is rust? It’s a reaction of iron(Fe), and oxygen(O2) in the presence of moisture(H2O) that creates a red oxide or rust. Rust in its simplest definition will disintegrate that which it has hold of. Namely metal surfaces of your car.

Formation of rust

Our cars must endure extreme conditions that on the surface seems innocuous. Take a trip to the beach, fun, harmless. Yet the salt air can wreak total havoc on your cars metal surfaces. Accelerating rust areas on your car.

A major problem rust causes are paint bubbles. As rust spreads under the paint of your car and erodes the metal it causes paint to bubble. If left unchecked the damage will become extreme. Hence the paint bubble is your car crying out “Please get the rust repaired! As rust erodes the surface below the paint, air will find its way in and begin to push the paint away from the surface causing bubbles. Oxygen will find its way through surfaces that the naked eye will never be able to detect. So will moisture and the combination spells disaster for your cars metal surfaces.

Rust RepairsIf your car has bubbles. An inspection of your entire car is warranted. Don’t leave rust unchecked. If you do, the damage will spread fast. It also takes away from the integrity and strength of the metal that protects the car. The metal that protects you and your family! The lighter side is the cosmetic appearance of your car, rust spots are ugly.

When possible clean the areas that show rust, then apply a metal protection to the clean areas. In harsh environments wash chemicals off the car quickly such as road salts and sand. Coastal areas rinse your car off often and pay particular care to the undercarriage.

You will need to fix rust areas quickly and thoroughly. Ideally by a professional car body repairer, they are far more knowledgeable with rust repairs.

Cars today are built with protection and warranties against rust. However, you should take care to make sure build ups of rust don’t occur on raw metal areas. Keep your car clean and free of damaging particulates and you will extend the life of areas at risk for rust.

Finding rust on your car is a disheartening feeling. Not paying attention to it can be extremely costly. Rust spreads fast and disintegrates metals causing not only cosmetic blemishes but worse the integrity of the metal weakens. This can cause real issues.

These types of repairs need to be done by professionals. Craftsman that know there way around body damage. Certainly someone that has had experience fixing rust damage. If the work is not done properly you will only be paying to have someone’s bad work fixed again.

So let’s learn a little about why these jobs take an experienced hand. For example:

  1. Bubbles in the paint due to rust. These bubbles must be removed and the area will have to be sanded and moreover someone will need to grind the metal down so-as-to remove any particulates of rust. Working a grinder on sheet metal takes an experienced handler. Taking on this with no experience you can grind down to much metal and cause even greater damage.
  2. Preparation of affected areas and treatment is paramount to the successful fixing of rust areas. Filling compound will be required to even out the metal area a lot of time is needed to get a smooth surface. A trained hand makes all the difference in the world.
  3. Holes in the metal, loss of metal area that will weaken the integrity of the area. So much of your vehicle is about safety. Therefore, allowing large amounts of metal to be eaten away by rust diminishes the safety if heaven forbid you were in a collision. This will require a craftsman that can make repairs to the metal or recommended replacement parts.

Having the proper tools and knowledge is why you will want to have a professional car body repair technician work on your car. Another huge advantage is time. Someone that knows how to do this type of repair will be able to grind out damaged metal, use body filler, sand and prepare your car for paint much quicker than if you do-it-yourself. Trained professionals for this type of application are highly recommended to get the job done right the first time. A trained hand will get your car looking like new.

Using a specialist will also help you protect the value of your car. A job done right will give you peace-of-mind, when it’s time to resell your car.

Don’t chance this type of work, too much is riding on a proper rust repair.


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