Scratch and Dent Repair Services in Leeds

Many car owners get frustrated and annoyed when they realise their cars have dents. Unlike other dents that are straightforward to fix, damaged wheel arches are often complicated and require well-trained expertise to carry out comprehensive dent repair. At Car Cosmetics, we understand that any slight damage to wheel arches not only makes your car look ugly but lowers its value as well. Therefore, whenever you notice your wheel arches are damaged, you need to make plans to carry out immediate repairs to avoid further damage from rust.Dent Repair

We understand that a lot of car repair shops charge exorbitant fees for dent repair. However, on our part, we offer a budget friendly service that ensures car owners that we are able to fix their cars in good time. Car Cosmetics is a reputable firm that has been in business for a long time offering top notch quality services to our clients. We know that wheel arch dent repair is a challenging task because the curvature of the panel will most likely create a seam and cause the paint to be broken. In our case, we first focus on repairing the damaged section and fix the paint to prevent rust from forming.

Dent RepairIt doesn’t matter where you want your wheel arch dent repair to be done; we can do it at your place of convenience. Being an established and reputable mobile car repair firm, we come to where you are and not vice versa. A lot of car owners find our service to be very convenient, reliable, cost-effective and time saving. Since we know our clients lead a busy lifestyle, we send our fully equipped mobile vans with expert technicians to carry out dent repair as well as address any other arising issues.

Why Choose Car Cosmetics to provide a dent repair service to your car?

Dent RepairWe have earned a high industry reputation because we have invested extensively in modern technology. A lot of paintless dent repair technicians from other companies can only do small supermarket dents, wheelie bin and similar sized dents and are unable to provide the same high service. In our case, if paintless dent removal isn’t possible we have technicians that still can repair the dent via knocking out the dent and filling a small amount to create a smooth finish. Using modern techniques, we perform a precise repair of the dent on your wheel arch.  All our clients have full confidence in our competence and expertise.

Dent RepairCompared to other body shop quotes, we charge up to 50% less which attracts many clients to our dent repair service. Wheel arch dents are not easy to repair especially if a car owner doesn’t find the right car body repair technician to carry out the work. At Car Cosmetics, we have invested in the latest equipment, technology and skill development; therefore, you can fully rely on our service.

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