Preferred car body repair shop rather than the Insurers approved garage?

August 15, 2018

Can I use my preferred car body repair shop rather than the Insurers approved garage? What can be worse than having your car involved in an accident? Assuming the safety of life and limb, it would be the trouble vehicle owners have to go through with auto insurance companies. Once an accident happens, the thoughts(…)

Best MPG Cars

November 22, 2015

One of the most important factors which is taken into consideration while buying cars its fuel economy. While expenses tend to rise higher and higher, one definitely wants to opt for a car which has a reasonable fuel economy so as to bring down its running costs. Cars with high MPG rates are the best(…)

Car Body Repair Costs – What to Expect?

November 15, 2015

Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd. is a leading facility in the arena of car repairs. We provide you with convenient, workable, easy and affordable solutions for any problem that your vehicle might come across. Bumps and scratches on the body of your vehicle is an inevitable reality. Every vehicle owner acknowledges this fact and this is(…)

How to Change a Car Battery

April 11, 2015

  In this guide we’ll go over a safe and easy method of how to change a car battery. The process is virtually identical for all makes and models of vehicles unless you have a specialty hybrid or electric vehicle, at which point you would need to refer to your dealership. In order to change(…)

How To Change A Car Light Bulb

March 9, 2015

  In this part of the series, we’ll be going over how to change a car light bulb (also known as a headlight or head lamp). Not only is it important to have your lights in proper working order for safety’s sake, but it’s also illegal to drive without them working. You’ll want to regularly(…)

How To Open A Car Bonnet

March 1, 2015

  In this article, we’ll be going over how to open a car bonnet on any vehicle. It’s a relatively straight forward process, but is important to know as every vehicle can be slightly different in terms of location of the lever or button. When you’re finished with this guide, you’ll be able to open(…)

How To Change Power Steering Fluid

February 23, 2015

  As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to change your power steering fluid every 2 years (or approximately 24,000 miles). There are no test strips to let you know when your fluid starts to go bad, so it’s important to keep on top of it on your own. Most garages will provide this(…)

Car Checks before a Long Journey

February 20, 2015

A Basic List on Car Checks before a Long Journey Taking a long journey in your vehicle whether it’s for a business meeting or a fun road trip with friends should be an enjoyable and safe experience that requires your car to be up on it’s car maintenance and a few other key factors. If(…)

How To Fit Wiper Blades

February 20, 2015

  Having your wiper blades in good working condition is a good idea for multiple reasons. When the rainy season comes and your windscreen wipers do little more than smear water across your windshield, it can be a safety hazard while driving. New wiper blades also help to keep your auto glass clean and free(…)

How To Change a Wheel If You Have A Puncture

February 19, 2015

An Easy to Follow Guide on How to Change a Wheel   Having your tyre punctured is just an unfortunate consequence of every day driving. There are tons of hazards out there on the roads such as screws, nails, pieces of metal, jagged rocks, etc all which can pose a threat of puncturing your tire(…)

101 Ways to Keep Your Car In Top Condition

February 14, 2015

In this series, we’ll be going over 101 ways to keep your car in top condition, covering how to properly maintain & repair your car, and cosmetic advice to keep your vehicle running and looking great. Regular maintenance and servicing your car at normal intervals can cost you significantly less in the long run when(…)

Paintless Dent Removal to get your Dents Repaired

November 2, 2014

  When people play football around your car, it is risky because chances are that the ball will hit the car and cause damage. If you are wondering, can a tennis ball really damage my car? The answer is a simple, YES. We all love our cars looking nice, new and shiny. However, when a(…)

How To Sell My Car Fast

September 21, 2014

I want to sell my car fast what should I do? What if anything can I do to help increase the resale value?   Here are a few tips that will help you get your car sold quick and get the maximum value for your car. Whether you’re trading it in at the car shop(…)

Buying a car? Tips on what to look for.

September 21, 2014

  Buying a car can be fun. If you’re looking for a new car then let’s make that experience fun. Shopping a car store for your next vehicle with proper information already thought out will make the experience joyful. Used cars need preliminary research. However you will want to inspect the vehicle and ask questions(…)

Can Tennis Balls Dent Your Car?

August 31, 2014

  Was your child playing tennis and their Roger Federer shot dented your car with the tennis ball? You must be thinking can a tennis ball really dent a car? The answer to this question would be a simple YES!. A tennis ball can leave a dent on your car depending on various factors. If(…)

Why Should I Wear a Seat Belt?

July 24, 2014

Having a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility and this means you will need to make sure you wear your seat belt. You may ask your self; why should I wear a seat belt? There are simple answers to this question. Wearing a seat belt properly can save your life. When you are in(…)

When to Use Mobile Body Repair Specialist from a Bodyshop?

June 28, 2014

Depending on the amount of damage to your vehicle, a mobile body repair specialist will usually be a better option than taking your car in to a body shop. Although a mobile automotive repair specialist can repair most superficial and aesthetic damage. You may think that a mobile body repair specialist and a body shop(…)

Car Keying Why People Do It and How to Have it Repaired

November 30, 2013

If you are the victim of car keying crime it is unwise to use your insurance policy to fix the repair, it will cost you more in the long run due to increases in premiums and excesses. As annoying as it is you should bite the bullet and pay for the repair yourself. A mobile(…)