Most Common FAQs about Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair!

Most Common FAQs about Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair!

From Ford, Honda, Nissan, and BMW to Audi, Porsche, and Mercedes- most automobile industries these days use diamond-cut alloy wheels in their sport model ranges! In fact, many car owners want to have this wheel in their vehicles to add some style and fashion. But you may have several queries like when you should get diamond cut alloy wheel repair, or if you can refurbish those, and so on! 

If so, we are here with all your answer to your queries. Keep on reading if you are curious to know! 

What to learn about Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair

Of course, diamond cut alloy wheel is on the craze among car owners these days more and more! That’s why their questions increase to have a better understanding of alloy wheel repair and its maintenance. 

We have shared some of the most common queries that our experts have got from our previous clients. Have a look:

Are my wheels truly diamond-cut?

Many car owners come to us and ask they are not sure if their vehicle has diamond-cut alloy wheels. But it’s easy to identify if you noticed the following facts:

  • These wheels come with a smooth and shiny surface that resembles that of a CD!
  • The inside faces of these wheels look similar to the front ones.
  • Diamond cut alloy wheels come with an amazing painted finish that will help you recognize such wheels. 

Can I refurbish my diamond-cut alloy wheel more than three times?

Not at all! At Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd., our experts suggest one or maximum twice when it comes to alloy wheel refurbishment. In fact, don’t make such decisions on your own! Let our technicians assess and look over the wheels. They will tell you if you need to refurbish those!

How long does diamond-cut alloy wheel repair take?

Generally, it takes around 4 days to complete the process. But if your wheels are too damaged, we may need more time to fix that! 

How much does diamond-cut alloy wheel repair cost?

It starts from the prices at £95+vat for each wheel. You can get discounts on the sets of 4 alloy wheels. Also, we offer perfect finishes on your wheel as you desire. To learn more, follow us on Facebook!  We hope that our answers may meet your queries. And if you have more, feel free to ask us! Also, you can get a quote today before getting any services from our experts! Keep on reading more blogs!

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