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Car Body Repair Technician

Car Body Repair Technician – WANTED

We are looking for technician in Leeds.  Please send your CV to

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If you have attention to detail and would like a practical job working with vehicles, this job could be for you.
As a motor vehicle body repairer, you would fix or replace damaged body parts for all types of vehicles. You need to be able to use a range of tools and be reasonably fit, self-motivated and able to follow instructions. Good background knowledge about vehicle body repairs are essential for this role.

Duties and Responsibilities

On a repair job, your duties could include:
• Prepare body work (e.g. Filling, sanding, priming, etc. ) for the purpose of making it ready for painting.
• Mask or tape off details and components to avoid contamination and select the proper colours and substances for the project.
• Spray painting process itself will involve using water base and solvent base paints to apply to a vehicle, determining the necessary application of paint for a thorough coat and (on the chance of) checking for runs or sags in the paint to ensure a quality product.
• Sealing and waxing the repair.
• Monitor supply inventory (e.g. Fillers, reducer, hardeners, paints, etc. ) for the purpose of maintaining adequate levels of required materials.
• Fitting new panels where the damage is too great for repair.
• Assists other personnel as may be required for the purpose of ensuring an efficient and effective work environment.
• Keep a day, to day record of all work.
Working Hours.
Your working hours would usually be between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. However sometimes you can be assigned for a job in evenings or Weekends.

Skills / Qualifications / Experience Required

Auto body painters need a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record and the ability to drive vehicles with both manual and automatic transmissions. Additionally, we require previous experience in the auto body repair industry.
• good practical skills and the ability to use a range of tools.
• the ability to work methodically and pay close attention to detail.
• the ability to work without close supervision.
• good communication skills.
• the ability to follow written and verbal instructions.
• a reasonable level of fitness.
• awareness of health and safety regulations.

With commitment to company and hard work,  you will be offered a generous incentive scheme.

For example:

  • Trips to Switzerland to the Geneva Motor Show
  • Race Track Days (Silverstone, Donington Park, Nürburgring)
  • Go-Karting Days
  • Paintball Experience Days
  • Bonuses (£)

Please send all CV’s to:

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