Alloy Wheels Repairs Vs. New Steel Wheels: Which Is Better?

It’s been a couple of years since you have got a new car. But getting a new one can be quite expensive! Also, when the older one is running well, upgrading the exterior will be a more affordable and smart option. And the first thing that comes to your mind is the wheel. But should you go for the existing alloy wheel repairs or consider new steel wheels? We are here to answer that in today’s blog!

Should you get alloy wheel repairs or new steel wheels?

Accept it or not, but a car is all about status! But it won’t work unless the looks are perfect and the right wheels play a great role here!

Steel wheels

When you are after saving your wallet but replacing the old wheels, steel is a great option. Even while getting a free quote from us, you can ideate the difference in the price between steel and alloy wheels that is quite reasonable. 

Also, steel wheels are a stronger alternative for heavy vehicles. But it comes with a strain on suspension because of their unsprung weight. On the other hand, you may get fewer options to customise the wheels if required for your wheels over 16” in diameter.

Alloy wheels

Whether you need alloy wheel repair or refurbishment, you may have to hit your wallet a little bit than steel wheels. But the best part of alloy wheel repairs is the customisable options and curb appeal that can turn your head! You can look over the ‘Before and After’ pictures on our Instagram page for this!

And when you want better handling, lighter option, and fuel-saving, nothing could be a better option than this! You can have faster acceleration and less strain on the suspension than steel wheels. Also, if you want to know more about alloy wheels, you can read our previous blogs on alloy wheel refurbishment. Stay connected!

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