6 Ways Your Car Alloy Wheel Can Get Damaged that Need Repair!

According to a recent survey, we have discovered that our experts handle most cases of alloy wheel repairs in Leeds on a day. Hence, the maximum car owners do not have an idea how to care for it and keep it safe from damage.

Are you one of them who experience the same problem at least once in a couple of months? Our guidance may be helpful for you. Let’s get started!

How do the alloy wheels get damaged often?

Needless to mention, alloy wheels are expensive these days. Then, the last thing you may expect to pay for its repair frequently. It means that you have to avoid the reasons that can damage the wheels. Here are some of those:


If you reside in Leeds, you may have an idea of the potholes on the streets here. Such potholes and poorly surfaced roads are the biggest reasons for damaging alloy wheels. People often drive their vehicles over holes at high speed that is enough to damage them.

Try to have control over your speed at such moments. And if you cannot, be sure to check the alloy wheels to ensure if there is any sign of damage.

Scratching with the edges

Usually, the alloy wheels get scratches from the rough edges when you drive the vehicle too close to the other cars or pavements. Scuffed rims and wheels are undoubtedly eyesores to the appearance. Moreover, repairing the alloy wheel can come expensive in this regard.

DIY with the wheel nuts

Are you trying to lock or remove the wheel nuts somehow? Do you have the right tool? If no, don’t take a risk! We, Car Cosmetic Solutions Ltd., are here to help you out! Our experts have the skills and experienced to fix the alloy wheel nuts and ensure optimal results. Without having the locking wheel nut key, DIY is not a smart option.

Car wash!

Taking care of your car is a great way to maintain the shine and gloss of your vehicle. And the regular wash with the hose can remove dirt and debris from the alloy wheels. But if you go for the automatic car cleaning thrice a day with acid-type spray, the protective layers can get damaged. So, the elements get exposed that spoil your car’s look!

Cleaning agents

Well, if you prefer giving a handwash daily to your car, make sure to use the right cleaning equipment. For example, when you need to remove grime from your alloy wheels, it’s wise to use a soft-bristled brush rather than a harder one. Otherwise, it can result in swirls and scratches on the surface of the wheels. You can take a microfiber towel to give your alloy wheels a smooth and clean finish.

Under-inflated tyres

Try to avoid driving with such under-inflated tyres! It can damage not only the tyre but the alloy wheels as well. Make sure to inspect the pressure of the tyres at least twice a week before going out.

Still, if you gt any sign of damage to your alloy wheels, contact us! Our experts will fix it on the same day! Keep on reading our blog for more information!

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