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Car Body Repairs in Sheffield

When you’re looking for a place to get your car body repaired in Sheffield, make sure you pick a company with reputable and knowledgeable technicians. Car Cosmetics is an auto body repair specialist company who will do the job right. We’re an honest, up front company with professional technicians and over a decade of experience. We’ve seen it all from minor scratches to full on vehicle body repair after a major collision.

Our services include mobile car body repairs, alloy wheel repairs, bumper repairs, deep scratch repairs and more. Since we offer a mobile service, we’re able to bring our full spray equipment and mixing scheme to your home or work keeping the whole experience hassle free. Our mobile car body repair vans can travel anywhere around Sheffield and surrounding South Yorkshire areas including the following towns:























We’re fully equipped to handle all manners of mobile car body repairs to get your vehicle back up looking good as new. We specialize in dents, scratches, dings, and more while offering the best paint color matching service available.

We also offer top of the line alloy wheel repairs, which is also available in our mobile service. Whether you scraped a curb or have a deep gash in your wheel, we can fix it up and get it looking great again. We’ve dealt with a wide range of scuffs, scratches and gashes and have the know-how to fix all types of damage done to your alloy wheels. Don’t let a ding in a wheel be your focus of attention; we have the latest repair technology available. You won’t even be able to find the repair spot when our repair specialists are finished.

Your vehicle is a big part of your life; we take the hassle out of getting it in top-notch condition. You won’t have to spend time arranging rides or figuring out public transportation when you need to get your vehicle fixed up. No need to sit around in a waiting room for a few hours while your bumper gets repaired. Car Cosmetics is the leading car body repair Sheffield experts, and we offer the convenience of a fully mobile service. Not only that, but our mobile Sheffield car body repair experts are the best in the business at everything from waxing and polishing to straight up deep scratch repair. Whether your bumper is cut down to the base materials or your alloy wheel has a minor scuff, we can handle it.

One of the big issues with vehicles these days is rust damage. When the clear coat and paint start to fail, water droplets are able to seep down into the metal bits of your vehicle and cause rust. This is an issue because rust easily spreads underneath the paint on your car and causes paint bubbles that look ugly and can cause lasting damage. Rust and air will begin pushing against the paint from under your car which leads to the paint eventually chipping off. If left unchecked, it quickly spreads and is able to render an entire panel on your vehicle damaged and basically in need of replacement. What we’re able to do is find the rust spots early before they cause lasting damage and prevent them from spreading. We’ll remove the rust, color match the paint, and apply a new clear coat.

When it comes to car body repairs in Sheffield, make sure you get in contact with Car Cosmetics. We’ll give you a personal, fair and honest quote with the experience and expertise to boot. We have the knowledge, tools, and capability of fixing any type of damage your vehicle has sustained and are able to bring our mobile shop to you. We’ll get the job done at a great price and without the slightest bit of inconvenience to you.

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