Arch Rolling


Car Cosmetics offers mobile and in-garage arch rolling throughout Leeds and surrounding areas. Arch rolling is when you expand the area around your wheel wells to allow more room for your wheels so they don’t scrape the arch. This is common practice on vehicles that have been lowered, Arch Rollinghave bigger wheels put on, or have looser suspensions. The last thing you want is for the wheel to scrape against your vehicle while driving or going over bumps as that can damage the vehicle, the wheel, and even poses a safety hazard.

Our team of auto body experts are well trained and familiar with all methods of arch reforming in Leeds and only utilize the best practices to get your arches reformed and looking great. As an auto body specialty company, not only will we be able to perform the best arch flaring in Leeds from a functional standpoint, but we’ll make it look great, too. Whether you’re looking to make your new wheels really pop or just to prevent scraping on your newly lowered vehicle.

Car Cosmetics has your back with Arch Rolling.

If you’re not a self proclaimed “car enthusiast” and are simply thinking about doing some quick modifications to your ride such as lowering it a bit, you’ll want to look into arch rolling. Many vehicles are designed with wheel wells big enough to support a certain size of tyre/wheel at a certain distance from the rubber with your shocks/suspension being taken into account. When you go about modifying your vehicle from it’s stock spec, adjustments need to be made for the safety and performance of your vehicle! Both adding larger wheels and lowering the vehicle are culprits of arch scraping. Fortunately, Car Cosmetics has years of experience in auto body modification and repair and we’ll be able to get your car fixed up and ready to roll.

Arch RollingIf you haven’t yet decided if you’re getting bigger wheels, lowering the vehicle, or even doing both at the same time, you can always give us a call for a quick consultation. We’ll provide some valuable information based on both our own personal experiences outside of the shop and in. We know when you’ll need arch flaring in Leeds and when you don’t. We’ll never try to overcharge you and have your vehicle’s best interests in mind, hence our customers coming to us time and time again for all of their auto body needs.

As a mobile auto body company, we bring our expertise to your home or office. We are able to bring all of the tools necessary for a top-notch arch reforming anywhere in Leeds. That means we can get the job done while you relax inside on your day off, or we’ll even show up to your place of work and take care of the job. Forget having to spend an entire day in a garage waiting room while some technicians “get around to it”. We’ll schedule your arch rolling appointment, show up on time (and at your preferred place), and handle everything. Rest assured that your car is in the best hands possible.

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